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Wouldn't it be great if some of the nature of our familiar would carry over to the mage in the next years?

I.e. for a aquatic animal it could give a large boost to swimming/diving actions or for a hound in scent detection.

This boost should be at last similar to a +5 in a SS and could come from the adventure or a high bound.

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@albert My idea was more along the line that when you already have some way to fly (Levitate, Flying Horse, Flying Carpet etc.) that you can handle this much better.

But the idea of the others to even give a special abilities could also work, the problem is just that I would prefer a constant bonus over a ability that get superseded by a spell at some point.

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I think most abilities could be superseded by a spell.


Invisibility, check


Pass through matter, think it should be doable with a spell. Might be hard to learn it though. You could probably revision a part of a wall to allow you to pass through it, though it is likely hard. Or if you're extremely skilled revision yourself to pass though walls.(a bonus from a ghost or spirit would help you here)


Flight(Levitation), yes.


The obvious benefit of an ability from your familiar would "likely" be expediency. You wouldn't need to draw any phemes, it would be more like a mental component of your familiarbond.


My character is already capable of limited flight in adventures, like "the chairman".


Then again, I guess, being able to handle flight and levitation better if you got a Hawk or flying familiar makes sense. I'm not sure how that would work in game though.


There would have to be alternate actions that combine spells with an affinity bonus from your familiar. Instead of sluggishly floating away you flyaway with the speed and grace of a hawk.


Or if you got the ghost pass through walls affinity you cast your spell and effortlessly walks through all the obstacles and traps, it seems as natural to you as breathing. If you havn't got it, you have to test the spell and assure yourself it's working safely dreading the thought of getting stuck in a wall, constantly struggling to maintain focus.


Similar endresults but you do it with style and might pickup a bonusreward on the way or accomplish some kind of bonus objective, simply because you got extra action capacity and maintaining the ghostform or flight isn't requiering all your focus.


I can easily see a fish and platypus give you superior wateraffinity.


A cat or mouse might give you some stealth ability bonuses, same with camelion.


Birds and other flying creatures, dragon, fairy, = flight.

Fish water creatures, = Water affinity.

Sneaky predators or sneaky creatures may give you a stealth or invisibility spell bonus/affinity.

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You have a similar issue with several adventures - i.e. Cirillo's gamble where you are kidnapped on one day, and complete on a later day when you do the adventure :P


In most cases I'd say its more something to think about for Yr 2 than to try to winkle out of Yr 1 - unless you want to re-read every adventure and then edit all those with a clumsy link?


What gets me more is that you can't choose to do 2 or 3 sessions of the same adventure on the same day - the extra's default to "rest" actions - which is a particular issue when loading a day as it forgets the selection you made previously and auto-completes repeats with the first adventure, before defaulting to rest actions :wacko:

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Svinik the problem is that original the adventure where all designed to 1 Adventure call = 1 Step of the Adventure.

This was then changed after some complains to be every actions done on the same day are done in 1 adventure call no mater how many steps they are need.

There still many Adventures around from before the time of this change especial most of the Student Adventures and unless someone complains they stay this way.

(Most of my complains in this direction where when I worked on a roleplaying thread because its really difficult to get this adventures covered)

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I do think the timeslot allocations should be reworked. assigning different time requierments to different tasks, Perhaps even have the take different amounts of time depending on you skill and speed at performing a certain feat/skill/spell.


Having the eat candy and other things becoming more instant seems like a good idea.

Then I would add 10 time units for the moring, afternoon, evening. Where a task might take between 1-10 timeunits. If you do several fast things then you can do ten of them.

It would seem reasonable to assume those more time intensive tasks requier more work, will be harder and might still seem worth it for some reason.

That way you could choose to cast a few spells, play a few pranks for the morning, and then in the afternoon you summon a demonicdragonhybrid that smashes half the campus before the Professors dispatches it. Why?... Maybe the small pranks didn't satisfy you properly....

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in Cante Caviti's description, it says,



Cante has a bit of a drinking problem. It’s not alcohol or anything like that, but it might be serious. Cante’s favorite subject, by far, is Artificing- especially potions. However, he’s not terribly gifted with them and Professor Leith isn’t about to slow down to help poor Cante. So, in order to improve, he frequently works on potions on his own, using himself as the test subject for his work. As I’m sure you can imagine, there’s always something very odd wrong with him. It’s not always major, but most of his potions don’t come out the way they’re meant to. This concerns everyone but Cante, oddly enough. What’s he trying to do?




While not an error, per se, perhaps that should be rephrased to remove the first person dialog. Maybe, "As you can imagine"

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Wouldn't it be great if a Student who really outperform in one class might be able to learn things in year 2 that focus on this skill that usually limited to a other college?

I.e. a Durand student who got a very high score in Astrology might learn some Avila tricks/techniques in year 2 if he continue with Astrology.

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