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I just had a look at the grading systems and you know what?

I would love to have a grading system that works like the Cardinal Distribution but on the low end it only gives Failure when your below 40pts. (or 50pts.) otherwise the Failure becomes a Third Class Honors.

This way every one who put enough effort can pass but the higher Honors are limited for the best students.

(I think pure Cardinal Distribution gives to much failure with the 10%)

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Personally I'd like to be able to study for exams I'm not officially sitting and then either sneak in as described, or bribe - err impress - a regent to let me sit it.


Lack of study capability is what effectively stops mine from doing exams, it would be a nice alternative if the success modifier was, say, test-taking+study level instead of just study level - there must be some commonality in exam preparation...

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I got the Testtakers mind and all that on a lot of my characters ;) Or whatever that bonus was called.


Having 10+ on Testtaking should help quite a bit.


Maybe it should give you a 0.2 modifier for each skill step in test-taking. That would give you an equivalent of 2 for all studylevels at level 10 in testtaking.


It would make sense if dedicated study in a subject is what gives the greater boost, but being good at taking tests and having a better understanding of their general nature and how to write good answers should help you above and beyond just preparing for the test. And if you didn't study for that subject you still got a small boost from your general skill at answering tests and faking your way past difficult things.


I wouldn't mind that tbh. Taking those extra exams even if they wern't your primary focus subjects.


Having extra credentials and recognition can't hurt, right? Even if you arn't as good at those things as your primary subjects.

Maybe it could be a way of opening up more class specific adventures later on?


I can certainly see, what's her name again doing that... The study helper superhero girl? Can't remember her name atm, but it seemed like she was trying to learn everything there was to learn.

I got a few of those students of my own, as I've mentioned before ;) Studyholics.

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As long as you don't turn that block of ice into glass.... That would be very heavy.


Lets say that cube of ice weights 10 kg.... If you turn it into glass then it would weigh 25kg ;)


or... actually... more like 27kg+...


Hummm... Maybe that could be a good idea for a future adventure, one where you can save the day by revising something. Picking the wrong alternative would make it too heavy, or too light or too weak or whatever. Maybe you could have a material knowledge skill check to help you make revision to work in some cases. You see the problem and you realise you could use revision to improve the situation.


I guess it would be possible to save the day with a stupid Revision save, but people might not be entierly happy with the result. As opposed to when you get it right.


I know it might be a lot of work but it would be nice to see an example where you kind of save the day, but only kindof, because your solution wasn't the brightest.


Forexample, you could use negation to stop a fire, or you could summon water and cause a flood and damage to property... Even if you managed to stop the fire that was even more of a danger to people and property. So you improved the situation but your professor or others might not think it was the best save.


Like the event where someone put some kind of animalafrodesiak or something on you and they followed you into class.

You could Inchant a wateryshower to wash it off you and the animals ran off. However that actualy forced to soak yourself and your property and the classroom. Using Negation caused minimal complications. The Animals just ran off and thigns were fine.


Maybe failure would give a nasty Stress hit, while a partial sucess would give a modest stress hit, and a total sucess of effortless genius would reward you with no stresshit. And whatever else there might be.

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I have a feeling most studnet's won't be able to get the benefit of using the grounds since they will be very far away from the academagia for the greater duration of the summer.


Some will live in Mineta, but a lot of will be living in distant coutnries/islands.

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I hope one time usable items are not becoming important in the later years because I'm extreme bad in using them.

When I tried to play Scheherazade I again saw that I'm bad with this as I hate to waste timeslots for gaining or using onetime effects and usually try to keep such items for fare to long when I got them.

(Even in ARPGs I mostly wait till the health and mana is restored instead of using potions even if they are free)

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