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yes, your familiar is able to do magic trought the bonds and yes you need to train it first: try to teach a normal hawk Gate to see the difference. ;)


They also seems the get the basic intelligence needed to have some form of communication with their master wich certainly helps the master train more efficiently the familiar skill be it magical or not.

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How about an expanded version of the year 2 research ability where we can use our familiar to help us find books for research, effectively adding an extra research slot to the ability that's based on the familiars resarch ability.


Perhaps the students research steps/levels gained would be based on increasingly more difficult research rolls.

Year 2 and later years will be research heavy, least that's the impression I get.


That way you would have to balance your development of research skills with that of other skill gains. Researching research skills versus other skills.


One is good in the long run, the other gives more instant satisfaction in tangiable abilities used in most events.

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If my Endless Section Library makes it into Y2 the potential +5 to all Research skills you could get would be a significant boon in and on itself, since it'd make the rolls that much easier. Still, that could be a good addition - if the PC has a rivalry with Durand de Thiomines that library adventure might not work, and competition is good anyway. I'd prefer if the library adventure was a common method, but not mandatory.


Really, the ability of a Familiar to do things it was trained to do independently of the PC would be a really cool addition. It'd be awesome to have, say, a trained rat track someone down, or have a hawk explore the grounds for something interesting, or have the owl patrol the campus grounds while the PC sleeps, seeing how it's nocturnal. No clue how the fish would do anything useful, though. Or the rock, but Mr. Pebbles not being useful is probably intentional.

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I can see the fish being great at helping you scout out lakes or rivers.


Then again, it might be possible for a hawk to do the same if it can cast one of those incantation or something air bubbles to explore the lake. Unless it's a magic free zone that disables the use of magic. An enchantment might still work though.


If the fish has a flying bowl, then it can probably scout aswell, assuming it has enough skill to be useful.


Their abilities and bonuses they provide should be based on their skills :) It means you can get some exdtra help, but it requiers you to put some time and effort into it. But in the end it would pay off, especialy in later years as abilities accrue.


Lets hope we all get to live long lives and get to experience year 5 ;)


Anyway, a familair with a good patrol skill should add you your patrol and awareness of what's happening around you and if people or creatures are approaching. It would be hard to add it to a game engine though. Least, it might be. I don't know what the Y2 engine is like.


I can easily see some kind of situation where you cause a distraction while your familiar performs it's infiltration or prank. Or vise versa, it's probably easier to have your familiar provide the distraction but that might seem more suspicious in some situations.

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As you'll see in Y2, the Clique Abilities evolve. You'll find that Attributes are significantly less important as you go deeper into a subject...

Sure its even in year 1 that Attributes becomes less important the more adventures you did but still a attribute boost in the first 2- 3 month really helps a lot.

So this suggestion was meant for year 1 DLC 17 and absolute not for year 2 ^^.

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I don't know if this was changed in DLC 16 but it's in the current modtools so I mention this just in case it was overlooked.


Random Event Avila Dorm Tower 8


"It's just that no one you know would ever want to go in - even the older Avila girls smuggle their boyfriends out of the place rather than risk going inside themselves. [Character]Character/Selection/Avila/Cyrus Dawes and [Character]Character/Selection/Avila/Avgust Kostrodyrets, the only Avila boys in your year, are very clear on what the place is like:"


Now that Aaran is in the game that is not accurate, but if that was already caught, just ignore me.

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There is more detail in the Familiar screen, yes. :)


For Familiars, they and their wizards are subject to the penalty. Ghosts may or may not be banished, depending.

Will familiars have hitpoints/vitality aswell? Will they be targetable in duels? When I look at Mr Marchants familiar that is able to deal two points of damage with no training and no possibility of avoiding or resisting, it makes me think that two or four points of damage dealt to his familiar would send it to the infirmary and spare you the pain of having to endure those continued attacks in a duel. If nothing else, I could send my familiar on his familiar, dispatch it while I focus on him, then bring him down.


Least it would seem like a valid strategy to me, unless that's illegal, but I can't see why since they can be brought into duels.


Edit: Sidenote; I love the "All penetrating Slap"! It might not seem like the most powerful thing ever, but I love the idea of it. -2 vitality and add 4 stress... It's far superior to bullying ;)

I can see Philipe comming over to start a bullying session just to get casually and dispassionately slapped down with an "All penetrating Slap", leaving him and possibly his friends completely dumbfounded.

I need an event with that as an option!(even if it might seem somewhat specific ;) )

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A day in Frontino.


Perhaps the spell "Destiny's Emergence" should be an option to cross the river. It would requier Incantation spells 11 I think. But it seems more straight forward than cutting down a lot of trees to create a bridge ;)


Both should be available ofcourse, but, it would be a nice additional option. It's very similar to the description story, you need to get pass and it would provide an invisible/translucent bridge for you to use.

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Freezing might be possible, but it shouldn't be easy given that a river flows and that might cause an increase to the difficulty factor. Few things are as dangerous as melting ice in rapidly moving water.


Goolgetranslated from the Wikipedia:


Rivers [edit source]


In the spring the ice weakens of sunshine, higher air temperature, by a greater flow of snowmelt means (spring flood), while the larger flow exposes the ice to strain. When the ice is broken exposes the ice and any previous reclaimed water ice downstream for further strain causing the ice often quickly broken apart at a longer distance.


Where the broken ice will further formed dams that can both cause flooding, and tear along bridges and other structures along the watercourse. Such floods are annual events.



I can imagine that trying to freeze an ice sheet on top of moving water will be very dangerous and difficult, especialy when it's not as cold as Icewater that's already causing dramatic and dangerous effects on icesheets.

Then maintain it while moving.

Maybe if you used a combination of incantation and Revision to form an Icebridge that extended over the river. you would get less heatconductivity. When the bridge collapses however it might cause damage further down stream however ;) But I don't think our students tend to worry about that too much :) That's somebody elses problem.


Freezing a mass of water would probably work better on a lake, unless you're incredibly powerful and manage avoid the water wanting to pull the bridge with you or flood over it because it's causing a blockage by acting as a dam.


In Swedish it's called "Islossning". Don't go out on the Ice when that's happening.


Maybe that's why the 5th years Oan was talking about didn't just freeze the ice to be able to walk on it. Because it wasn't a safely sustainable solution. Therefor they needed something safer.


I guess it depends on the size of the river. If it's a tiny creek then it might work.

Or maybe you could freeze an iceraft that's more like an Iceberg and then float on it downstreams nad hope it moves closer to the other side, perhaps you could even use you incantation to give it a boost across. Then feel sorry for the bridge that meets the same fate as the Titanic :D


Sorry about that, but as a Swede I don't feel very safe about ice on swiftly moving water ;) especialy when the water isn't freezing temperature.

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Maybe that's why the 5th years Oan was talking about didn't just freeze the ice to be able to walk on it. Because it wasn't a safely sustainable solution. Therefor they needed something safer.

That is actually something I've been wondering about for a long time now, especially because one of the random events the PC can get involves you getting stranded outside the Academagia after hours and one way to sneak in is to Incant an ice bridge over a river. Mystery solved.


And I'm pretty sure it's not a fast-flowing river. Otherwise, you wouldn't get the option to just Swim across.

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Well, it depends on how thick the ice is and how long the river is, not to mention I doubt it takes too much time to cross an ice bridge of maybe 20-30 feet across.

I guess it depends on your power as an inchanter, but it probably takes some time to create such a large and solid bridge unless you're very powerful, in the meantime it would probably experience some structural issues.

I guess it depends on the strength of the current, the temperature of the water and your skill as a wizard.


If a small enchanted pool of stillwater was causing trouble then I have a feeling that a river 20-30 feet, 9 meters across I guess, might cause more trouble since it's continuously heating up and melting the ice, but not only that, it's also acting on the construct with force, unlike the pool.


Current, temperature of the water, and your skill.


It's hard to picture what a first year student would be capable off, how long would it take to create that bridge even if the water wasn't melting it and tearing it appart.


The Contendua event might be an indicator aswell.

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I wonder what bonuses outside of ice skating bonuses you might get from Ice skating. It might increase your acrobatics, possibly Composure.


My mother used to ice skate when she was young, I only managed to learn how to stand on the things and move around a little.

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