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I'm sure the team can think of a few useful things that ice skating gives a bonus to. Besides, I want to be able to Match Wits and get taught Sewing, The Second Captivity and Ice Skating. Those totally fit together, right?


Will things like Professor Leith's expertise stay with us in year 2? It sounds like something that will be useful when artificing is given more love and attention.

I assume he stay at the school.

This would be more something for the Q&A topic, but to answer your questions: Yes and most likely yes, even though you won't see much of him since you'll no longer be in his class. Maybe.

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We need more games/cards ;) Maybe a shop that sells cards and games.


Also, I'm not sure how writing equipment like Quils work. There is no slot for them but they can give a skill bonus like Caligraphy +1. Do they work from the bag or do we need additional slots for Quil's, paper, Ink?


Also, I can't seen any stats on Chance/risk of discovery for your character or Chance of sucess on different activities. It would be nice to have them somewhere. I assume it will be visible in Year 2?


In the inventory screen it says -7%, but it doesn't change if I get a bonus from a professor or cast a spell that should decrease it.


EDIT: NM, I just noticed it change to -8%. I'm not sure how it works exactly, but I guess it does something.

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Most of those bonuses remain in Y2, although I am not sure about Professor Leith's Expertise completely.


CoS/CoF/CoD are much more visible. :)




Thanks! I will send it along. :)

Aventyrares bonus, corrective Revision(least that's what I think it was called) commes across as some kind of philosophy or teaching she taught the player character if she really likes you and decide to share her expertise.

Leith's expertise commes across as more hands on support. If Leith won't be our teacher in Y2 then maybe the description could change to indicate that Leith's guidance taught you a lot during your first year. Or something like that. Retaining the bonus.

Then it would be similar to other such bounses gained from experiences and adventures.

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There are indications that familiars form friendships with other familiars aswell.

The end of year 1 adventure/event, where you tell your familiar it will see it's friends again.


Maybe it could be made easier to have familiars form friendships with familiars bonded with your wizards friends?

When you and your Clique come together for an adventure or some other social "thing" in Year 2, maybe it would also be a chance for the familiars to get to know each other. Perhaps they could try and gossip or befriend.


It would kind of make sense if they would feel more trust in someone associated with another wizard that your wizard friend hangs around with, that you see often enough.


Perhaps their social skills would affect their ability to make these connections on their own. Otherwise the wizards would have to keep an eye on them and make sure they don't start fighting. That would give a new meaning to the idea of "familiar trouble" the wizard and familiar ability could cause relationship problems and it would make sense if it was due to your familiars lack of a social skills.

A socialy adapted familiar would then cause less problems, except for possibly Mr Pebbles...

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I havn't taken botany as a class on the current character, still Wickery gave me 5 Botany Extra credit... Will that be added to my grades? :D My character has collected a few botany skillpoints so it wouldn't be ridiculous.


It came from a Favor request. Personaly, I wouldn't mind having having a few extra points for additional academic studies. After all, on a CV it would be a bonus even if you havn't got a lot of points.

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I'm not sure what your plans for year 2 and the next DLC for year 1 but it might be better to put DLC 17 for year 1 after year 2 got released.

The reason is that some issues of year 1 might only show up after player chars get imported to year 2 and be played for some time.

Also it might give some time to get some player ideas what might be good to put in year 1 in hindsight on how year 2 works out.

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'just prior' huh. Is that amount quantifiable in any way? ;)


I'm glad to hear that a DLC 18 is at least being considered, based on the potential need for it. I don't think we will need it but, in a decade or two from now when year 3 is released, who knows what stories we the players could think up spanning the whole 5 years based on later insight?

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1 month has been the plan. ;)


Yeah, if the fans want 18, the Team will make it happen. But beware of what you wish for... ;)

So, 1 month after year 2?


Or is that a release date for year 2? :D (that would make me ecstatic!) So, of course that can't be the case ;)

I can't remember what happend to the discussion of modtools, were there going to be modtools for Year2?

I did a few adventure mods early on, before the tools stopped working for me. It's not a major thing though, but I like playing around with things.

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The legate merely said that the planned delay between DLC 17, and Y2 is a month, which I think is quite nice. When 17 comes out we will for the first time have a quantifiable estimate for Y2's arrival.


Furthermore!, based on the time between DLC 15 and 16, I predict 17 will be released sometime in October/ November 2015, so Y2 may be a new years 'gift' for 2016.


That is still pretty conservative, though.

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I need to hire a doctor who's job would be to make sure I live a long and healthy life, with preparations for any and all medical emergencies.... So I get to enjoy Year 2 and eventually year 5 ;) (I'm in my early thirties)


But, I have a feeling it will be worth the wait. I've enjoyed Academagia a lot, otherwise I wouldn't be spamming this forum ;)

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