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I really like the recently added "Explore the "Location"" options now available since the Content Patch. However, it seems like there should be a few more options added - Callomantia Gym and Tertulloid Observatory seem likely candidates. I find this especially important because I have yet to have a character who is capable of effectively using the explore ability. It almost always fails at the beginning, and thus I don't try. However, some of my characters have not even had the explore skills revealed, so I don't even have an option of improving my exploration ability.


I know you've been tweaking explore and whatnot, so maybe this is already fixed. However, it seems there are a bunch of super-standard areas that I should be able to find, very easily, without any explore knowledge. Things like my school's Common Room, which I have never found, but know exists as a place because I randomly found one on a rare successful Explore in my very first playthrough.


Perhaps if the roll for the explore ability was not of a sucess/fail nature, but rather common/uncommon/rare. That is, an incredibly low roll would revel a common location that should be findable by just about anyone. Higher rolls would pull from a list of more obscure locations, and the rarest and most secret of places would only be found by characters with exceptional Explore skills.


As it is, the threat of failing an action entirely is sufficiently off-putting that I'm never use the Explore ability, even though I desperately want to find new locations.


I have similar feelings towards research, which seems just as failure-prone, but as research really doesn't matter to anything, it's not such a big deal. In my current game I'm trying to research the Diary of Edward Lamont, just for the heck of it, despite near weekly attempts have yet to get past 3, even though my research skills are all between 7 and 10. Perhaps if research was performed on the skill-step system, and the research roll was not of the pass/fail nature, but of the "how many levels of success will I achieve" sort. Then every attempt will accomplish something, but more skillful researchers will be more quickly rewarded with progress in their studies.


Oh, and finally, I found a revision sheet, an item that seems to grant +2 bonus to any skill I want, as many times as I want. While this is nice and all, it seems utterly absurd. It would be cooler, and make more sense, if I had to Craft the revision sheet myself, using Calligraphy skills, and possible enchant it with a pheme or two, and if it was set upon the time of manufacture to a single skill. So, I make a revision sheet for Geometry Problems, and it will temporarily increase my Geometry Problems skills upon use. The All-Powerful Revision Sheet of Awesomeness should be a rather rare, and highly valued, artifact.

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Explore will continually be looked at (and the Action will become substantively easier in DLC 1).


You should not be failing at Research, but there is a separate issue which is sometimes causing failure or very difficult success chances.


The Reminder Sheet, interestingly, is meant to be crafted. We'll look at how that gets into the game in DLC 2: College Vernin.



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The question, of course, is that whether that increase is permanent (expand) or temporary (time-limit or until the scroll exhausted).


If it's permanent, good, but not overpowered. UP some subskill that's hard to level up.

If it's time-limit, so-so. Lots of other action/spells can increase skill with time limit, most of them multiple skills on days, or months (sparkling fields with the condition is that you dont Rest).

If it's until the scroll run out, good in a cautious way. If the scroll is higher than conceal 1, encumbrance 1, it's worth one turn spend on casting some revision spells to make it aint so. If it's light and easy to hide, good. It's worth just to hold it in your knapsack.


This is actually not just for the scroll but for any item you plan to hold or not. As for the scroll, hwmmm, I dont think it's absurd. Dont forget you are STILL a teenage freshman, yo.

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Hmmm... suggestions... improvements... I got a lot of them but I'm sure IF they ever get implemented, the game engine will have to be reworked from scratch. :)


A few of the possible improvements would be:

- "special tags" in the "past" calendar days to signify that an event (random or a set event/adventure) happened so that there would be no need to check each day when you're looking for "event" days (or make another "tab" for a journal of "event" days which would mean a redesign in the GUI)


- make sure "classroom" random events don't happen during non-school days (which would mean adding [or improving the] "types/properties/identifiers" on the "Event" object, programming-wise)


- make sure "classroom/rimbal" random events check that your character is indeed part of that "class/subject" (for Rimbal, that your character is indeed part of the college Rimbal team and, most importantly, has Rimbal skills)


- enable text highlighting in the "game browser" so that copy+paste would be easier for bug reporting, etc. (currently, is it even possible to copy+paste?)



That would be all for now. :)

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I agree a bit bether Flaging of the events when thy can apear would be good.

ie. a Nummeric Variable that if >0 its School event 1 means its universal School event >1 are numbers for witch class its belongs. (Sure even if its just the size of a byte per event this flag can be used for more)

But such changes in the DB have to made bevore the release of the Editor or created mods will become incompatible also the question is if the team still can add such a Flag without large rework of the DB.

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Could spell descriptions state if the spell is only usable in dueling?



USE: Duel or NonDuel


ROLL: None or Requirements (Int/Glamor of 4 for example)


EFFECT: (bare bones effects: +1 to Silly Walks, that sort of thing)




Also, when we learn a new spell, location, lore or pheme, could the type of knowledge be included in with the name? For example, MODUS OPERANDI - PHEME or GLOW OF VICTORY - SPELL.

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Thanks for the suggestions!


I like the idea of 'Event' Days, or a journal of them- that's an interesting concept that hasn't been raised before. To implement it, we would need friendlier Event names, though, which means this is probably for Year 2.


Classroom Events happening on the weekend has been requested by another Academagian, but almost certainly would need to be done in Year 2.


For the Classroom and Rimbal Events, please let me know which mis-matched Classroom Events you have seen. Most (but not all) have the correct Prerequisites applied.


It's not presently possible to copy/paste, but if you press F12 it will show you the current Story Name, which may be helpful for reporting.




This is a good candidate for color-coding, but we definitely will look at the reporting here.



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