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3 hours ago, Schwarzbart said:

The Card Based system of Fallen London gave me the idea how the Event system of Academagia could be handled different.

How about the player get each week 4 events but only have to do 3 of them. The number of extra events you get each week and the number of events you have to do can be increased or decreased by spells or other effects.

Some of the events are flagged as have to do like a pop quiz. 

I know this idea is for sure to late for year 2 but might worth some discussion on the team side for year 3 and later.

@freespace2dotcom That I only give out 1 event extra and 3 that you at last have to do is because all ability (incl. item), spell and so on that change the chance of gaining a event need to be converted to this new system then! This means most old player chars will start with better numbers.

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I completed the senior student quest in Kaliri (the one with the "bad Eliana") in a fully patched game. Once again, the story ended with much stress upon the PC's being given a jacket, but no jacket item was associated with it.

Could the Team create a jacket item for Y2 for those whose characters have finished the adventure?

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Its no really great adventure idea but if someone want to claim it be welcome.

The player char with high curiosity was seen checking out the project of a older student while (s)he wasn't there and not much later the project is missing. Because the player was seen at the project (s)he is blamed for taking it away and natural requested to return it in a bit forceful way.

There 2 different paths the come to my mind right now  how this opening can continue:

- It was stolen by a other student who make the object easy to find for the player because (s)he want to play a prank

- The older student actual was not happy how the project turned out and now try to gain more time while someone else (the player) have to take the blame for this.

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2 hours ago, Metis said:

In the case of Always Prepared, Look Ahead and Mastery of Forms they specify a Bonus to Actions, Abilities and/or Spells, which does not work for adventures. A Bonus only applies to adventures if it applies to a Skill, since that's a miscellaneous modifier to rolls that adventures take into account.

For the record it's not possible for a Bonus to apply to Stories, either events or adventures - the function literally doesn't exist.

Could this be changed in Y2, or some later Year? It seems more intuitive (and would make the game slightly easier) that a bonus should apply to all actions of its type, even those actions engaged in during adventures.

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16 hours ago, Metis said:

That table is straight from the DLC 15 database, so it's either accurate or it got changed in DLC 16 or 17, as I mentioned. Though I didn't check results from failing rolls, so there is also that angle to consider. Incidentally, the Social Skills failure for Emilia P is listed as +2 in the database, and it's also listed as actually not finishing the adventure properly, allowing for infinite farming of +2 Relationship Max so long as you can keep failing the roll. That would be another thing that might have gotten changed/fixed between now and however many years ago, though.

EDIT: I figured it out! Pru's Dedication exit is bugged! The relationship (regular, not max) increase is incorrectly set to increase relationship Max instead! You can check it ingame by comparing it to the Passion exit - it should be +1 relationship and +1 relationship Max, whereas Dedication is +1 relationship Max (accidentally) and +1 relationship Max (intentional).

@Metis has discovered a bug in Y1 with Prudence Cossins's adventure. Maybe BCS might want to fix it, or maybe not. I personally think that a +2 relationship maximum for the Dedication exit in the Prudence Cossins adventure is appropriate (in addition to being not unprecedented - Zoe Melis's adventure also allows for an option with a +2 relationship maximum increase as a reward). By fighting alongside Prudence while helping her to preserve her new circle of friends, the PC is revealing that both the old (aggressive) and new (eager to make friends) Prudences have valuable roles to play in society - and both are aspects that the PC is willing to nurture and support in proper circumstances. This is the type of support in a relationship with a troubled, lonely person (as Prudence is) that could easily be represented in game as a +2 relationship maximum.

What do you think, @Legate of Mineta?

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18 minutes ago, Metis said:

That action [research revision spells] has a prerequisite of Revision 6 and Revision Spells 6, if you're below that you can't use it. No, there's nothing ingame that clarifies that. I looked it up in the mod tools.

Maybe this should be clarified for Y2 for the benefit of characters without Revision Spells 6.

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7 hours ago, Metis said:


  Reveal hidden contents


The popular story about Prudence having eaten a bat has been exaggerated slightly. She was on one of her regular trips to her great aunt's shack (she's a bit of a hermit) when it happened. Sure, she ate some bat, but it was cooked and she hadn't thought to ask what the meat was before gobbling it down. The great aunt scrounged up whatever meat she could find, and happened to be a fan of bat meat herself.

Anyway, Prudence didn't find out until later what it was she had eaten, but she thought it was an interesting story and told one of her friends. The friend promptly told everyone else, constantly adding gross details with each retelling. This didn't exactly help Prudence's slightly anti-social nature.


Prudence is able to play the simple melody "Hot Cross Buns" on over 30 different instruments, a list she is fond of recounting to her closer friends. She lacks the dedication to really stick to one instrument well enough to be very good, but music teachers tend to compliment her on how well she picks up new ones. She says that the only thing holding her up from increasing her list's size is the lack of new instruments to play.


Prudence is very fond of animals. Though people may make fun of her, she can talk to most animals all day long and never really miss the responses she would get back from humans. She even says that wolves will sit and listen to her stories where people will not. This affinity for wolves has only hurt her twice out of nearly a hundred times, but one time was right after she had eaten that bat, and she guessed that the smell on her breath must have made the wolf attack her.


Prudence hates her name so much that she started to take actions to get rid of it. She wanted a new name, but she doesn't have enough friends to really get a new name and have other people use it. She has even thought about transferring to a normal school, just so she could get a fresh start and use a new name. Now, she feels a bit more secure about it, though.


Prudence keeps it a surprisingly closely guarded secret that she enjoys fishing. She has caught well over fifty fish in her life, and even holds a few size records at individual ponds. She doesn't tell anyone, though, afraid of being considered even more of a tomboy than she already is.


Prudence has a small collection of nesting dolls, or matroshkas. She practices stacking them perfectly with magic. Her collection is kept carefully hidden under a floorboard in her dorm, but she has shown it to one or two close friends in the past.


Prudence's father died when she was young. She didn't know him that well, so it isn't especially traumatic for her, but she does think that the lack of a father figure for her may have made her more aggressive than she would be otherwise. Her mother acts more like a friend than a parent, so she doesn't really respect authority in general.


Prudence has yet to kiss a boy. She finds this rather irritating, as she also believes that she must be the last in the class to have never done so (which isn't at all true). Boys are so frightened of her, and her tendencies to fight with them, that she isn't particularly successful at becoming close to them in general.


Several of the boys Prudence beat up were also the boys she liked. She can't explain why she does it, but one good guess is that the boys she likes are also the ones she talks to, and then the people she talks to are more likely to annoy her enough that she'll hit them. At least that's her best guess.


Prudence can't tell the difference between hunger and thirst, and this makes her feel rather insecure about her eating habits. Though this is actually true for plenty of people, Prudence often decides to drink water when she isn't sure, because she's afraid of gaining weight when she isn't even hungry. This in turn increases the number of bathroom breaks she takes when out somewhere, which some people have made fun of her for.


@Legate of Mineta: Incorporating this lore about Prudence Cossins into Y2 would be awesome. If the team want, I could write a little adventure to provide an activity that would allow the PC to unlock research levels and an appropriate skill level gain in this topic and provide a reward once the PC reaches Research Level 10 in this topic (I was thinking of naming the activity something along the lines of "Talking with Prudence" [+ 1 research level in topic Prudence Cossins, +1 minor reward appropriate to lore per use]). If the team wants to avoid any continuity issues with lore IV (discussing Prudence's name), they could make the research/adventure contingent upon the PC's completing Prudence's Y1 adventure.

I will be getting a better computer soon, which will much increase my ability to write for all things, including Academagia.

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I have figured out a way to fix the fact that Prodigy: Incantation does not, contra what it claims, raise the Theory of Incantation skill maximum by 1: change the bonus from +1 Incantation Methods to +1 to Theory of Incantation. This way, the skill would be informed at the same time as the increase in skill maximum. It could also be justified in universe - a prodigy at magic could be the sort of person who reads about incantation and understands it without casting it.

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