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@Legate of Mineta: An idea: Pelia could have various people trying to adopt her (or claiming to be her relatives) because they want access to her alchemical knowledge (and her father's), and she could face litigation about how old she really is. Much struggle to raise money for legal bills or deal with skulduggery (involving the PC, obviously!) could follow.

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Someone put up some suggestions at Steam



1. The character creation is really great you could even add more options :D but even on a 40" tv screen all the scriptures are too small, it's a real pain to see what it's write, how can guys on 15" screens can see anything i wonder ?! I'm considering buying a 65" in order to easily read all 😛

2. please, no more column in text !!! i know you want to put an effect like it's a book, but it's a pain to read, or at least put that as an option in the menu pretty please !!!

3. desciption of skills, locations, abilities, spells ...etc are cool, but they are NOT when we are planning the next action to do on the calendar, simplify the text like if you choose thoughtful study, no more chat, just put "+1 chosen SS / +1 random SS" it's REALLLLLLLY hard to find witch action or abilities can make what we really want when you have 48 sentences to read before you understand what it do, or at least put that as an option in the menu please ;)

4. also in the planning, make it more user friendly, it's, at the moment and in my opinion, a total mess. You could easily clear that. You click on a box, "what do you want to do" -> a list with simple words, no more complicated and intricate description like "study" "study battles" "thougtful study" "work unitl you drop" it's ALLLLLLL the same ! The first simple words could be "move to" / "study" / "use" / "talk to" ...etc, then if you choose "study" there is an expand and you see ALL the choices you have unlock for ONLY the study part, and with the complaint number 3 i have ask it's way lot easier to sort all the studies you can make for this exemple. And to do that with ALL actions and abilities would make the game a lot more friendly to us, the players, as for now even with 60 hours i spend too much time in this menu to find a new action to do each week that start, it's a real pain.

5. always in planning you could add a search box, where you can put word like "durability" and it will show all abilities/actions/spell that increase/decrease durability for example, also for the use of a spell, when you have a GREAT number of pheme you don't really know what you can add, so if you select a spell it could be good to instead have only show the best pheme you can use to upgrade it.

6. now for the calendar part, a copy/past thing could be great, or a drop down menu to replace all "rest" by something we choose, then, after we choose what to fill in all the boxes, we can put one or two rest, or anything else, in the week manually, would be great to and we can spare a few time clicking and putting same options again and again and aaaaaaaaaaaaaagainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

7. i'm moving on the inventory part, maybe cool to freely resize it too ... why can't we see ALL items equipped at the same time ? why put a "next/previous page" ? there is enough place to put all ... and that a right click can REplace an item already equipped, not just place it... oh and when we move over an item in the inventory that not just the description on the item can be shown but also the description of the item already equipped on character like we can compare the two items then we can swap it with a right click. Oh and last for inventory, a possibility to destroy/trash an item we will never use, because i don't like to loose time to go to a shop and sell it :P

8. we need reminder too, ok we have a calendar, but what does it mean ? "anedius 14" ? What is this thing ? When will i have my exams ? In how many days ? What will the exam be ? Must i work on this or that to make a top grade ? ^-^"

9. i love classic musics, could you add more of them, after 10 hours a day it become a bit ... tiresome that it's always the same that repeat.

10. the last, i'm trying hard to find something else to add in order to make this game reeeeeeally great ... i have find my 10 ! In random events, when we have the options to do this or that, put in ( ) the level we have in this options, like Obersvation (7) / Hunting (10) it's a way lot easier than go to the skill & research tab and spend 5 minutes to find where is this sub-skill

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8 hours ago, Raydestroyer said:

Hey legate

1. since I healed Matthew the gate mate but didn’t go to his party, could the team make an event or adventure where Matthew Mail’s the players home to give me something useful.? Money magic, artifacts, anything 

2. If not, can I collect the reward for finding Matthew in y2

@Legate of Mineta: would you like me in Y2 to write up an action and short introductory scene in which the PC edits Beatrix von Wetgen's notes from her survey of the imperial reserve? Unlike the other Y2 post-Y1 adventure encounters that I have written (for Uliva and Zoe), the editing, as I see it, would not be limited to the summer vacation.

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Hey legate

1. for year 2, could the team add a system for when your choosing an action, add brackets, I mean we can put certain actions under. Rackets like students in Godina fall under Godina in choosing to expand relation with

2. Could the team add a system for the player to hide actions they don’t Want to use. A lot of actions in game are useless and I don’t wanna spend an hour looking for something specific with bothe year 1 and 2 actions, imagine looking through that mess.

edit: 3. could hear 2 have adventures or events trigger if u teach clique m8ts or other people illegal magic? 

4. Could adventures trigger if students reach a certain skill mark like Tabin mastery 14


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@Legate of Mineta: Inspired by my playing of Magical Diary: Wolf Hall: can there in Y2 be a character who is paranoid without being a coward or a lunatic - someone who is constantly thinking of ways in which he/she could be attacked and how to protect against such attacks? Or is Tabin such a character already (albeit rather dark and manipulative)?

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15 hours ago, Rhialto said:

@Legate of Mineta: Inspired by my playing of Magical Diary: Wolf Hall: can there in Y2 be a character who is paranoid without being a coward or a lunatic - someone who is constantly thinking of ways in which he/she could be attacked and how to protect against such attacks? Or is Tabin such a character already (albeit rather dark and manipulative)?

Bit sad that the Legate decided to not comment on this suggestion and the follow ups about Pauline Ritter

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4 hours ago, Metis said:

I imagine it's going to be largely to entirely changed in Y2 anyway, but sure:

  Hide contents


Aaran Ledale                      |???
Alan Driscoll                     |Scroll/Parchment
Amada Kiffer                      |Cosmetics
Ana Flavia Bessa                  |Food
Antonio de Reyez e Irizarry-Vargas|???
Asmita Tidar                      |Alchemical Components, Cooking
Ausdauer Mollers                  |Book
Aveline Cincebeaux                |Cosmetics
Avgust Kostrodyrets               |Book
Aymeri Couer                      |Potion/Unguent
Basia Rydz                        |(None)
Beatrix von Wetgen                |Food
Cante Caviti                      |Alchemical Components, Brewing Tools
Carmine Sturzo                    |Insignia
Caspar Pfeuffer                   |Writing Supplies
Catherine Chard                   |Fragrance
Cinzia Ammacapani                 |Writing Supplies
Cirillo Laziosi                   |Games/Cards
Cordelia Troublepot               |Forge/Workstation Materials
Corradin d'Alfi                   |Coat
Cosetta Re                        |Jewel, [The Sisters' Red Velvet Cloak]
Courtenay de Surval               |Book
Cyrus Dawes                       |Fragrance
Durand de Thiomines               |Book
Eduard Solov'ev                   |Food
Eliana Carosi                     |Plant
Els Rottmundyn                    |Headwear
Emilia Picotti                    |Alchemical Components, Brewing Tools
Emilia Strolin                    |Sewing Tools
Everwine von Zoedorf              |Writing Supplies
Flore Yveuillet                   |Book
Girars de Periarde                |Book
Grainne Inneith                   |Food
Gwendy Zuyder                     |Arrows/Bolts, Hand
Hector Per Vittoria               |Food
Herbert Downes                    |Hand
Honors Plafox                     |Food
Irene Oxina                       |Headwear
Isabeau Glorieux                  |Jewels, Riches
Iustus Venture                    |Riches
Jere Niemela                      |Food
Joana Lio y Rossollo              |Food, Jewels, Riches
Katja Quinnecht                   |Musical Instrument
Kurt Henning                      |Hand
Lambert Cobo                      |Potion/Unguent
Leopold Rassent                   |Cloak
Llarina de Avuel                  |[Sweets]
Louise Kandinsky                  |???
Luti Jaconelli                    |Book
Magalda Quaranta                  |Cosmetics
Magsa Nembo                       |(None)
Mairgrete Strakley                |Food
Malacresta Vercesi                |Telescope
Malthezar Mhadi                   |Potion/Unguent
Marc Sury                         |Forge/Workstation Materials - Metal
Milena di Montors                 |Book
Miya Hikari                       |???
Montague Ruffo                    |Coat
Neso Ulleri                       |Book
Neta Xemutre                      |Alchemical Components, Brewing Tools
Noemia Falcon y Paredes           |Bracelet/Bracer
Olivia Solari                     |Cosmetics
Oriabel Sidot                     |Book
Philip Hauck                      |Writing Supplies
Philippe Marchant                 |Hand
Piccolet Gleyre                   |Food
Prudence Cossins                  |Hand
Raoul Leconte                     |Food
Reitz von Lutersee                |Food
Rikildis von Kiep                 |Writing Supplies
Rixenda la Serena                 |Cooking, Seed
Rui da Casga                      |Book
Sheary Warrington                 |Food, Insignia
Sigalis du Sonmeil                |Writing Supplies
Silke Niederstatter               |Sewing Tools
Sima Venesico                     |(None)
Tabin Furenzti                    |(None)
Tacito Viadana                    |Food
Tulia Faspalla                    |Food
Uliva Valaresso                   |Writing Supplies
Vettor Conta                      |Hand
Vincent Eins                      |Coat
Vincent Warrender                 |Hand
Vrenelle Bonvin                   |Fragrance
Vuillaume Eparvier                |Brewing Tools
Zoe Melis                         |Book
Zorzi Galea                       |[Rimbal Elbow Guards], [Rimbal]


Items in brackets are specific items rather than item types, and I can't figure out the gift preferences of Mikka's kids because it's not listed anywhere ingame (that I'm aware of). I should also add that not all item types are used, and there's a total of 23 item types that didn't make it into the final game (they're just listed as DELETE in the mod tools).

Will any of the 23 item types that were cut from Y1 be restored during Y2? There has already been mention of a problem with an item that was labelled pet food, and hence unusable.

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