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@Rhialto For Drinking straw I personal would make them a usable item that give a boost to 1 use potions the player have in the inventory.

I suspect it should be possible to call a "adventure" using the straw and in this adventure you check for maybe one dozen different 1 use potions if they are in the inventory and allows to give the player an improved version of their effect  while destroying the potion and maybe the straw.

(I already used the inventory check to enable / disable different exits in my year 1 adventures)

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@Legate of Mineta: Will Y2 have better reporting about familiars? there are some actions (such as completing familiars' adventures) that grant them bonuses of various sorts, but are not recorded in the day's log of events.

Also, would in be all right for me to write some Y2 content between Pelia, Walking Talking Sneezing Bear, and Silent Alice? That was a missed opportunity in Y1.

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@Legate of Mineta: I am thinking about writing a Y2 adventure in which the PC would have the option to tell Lambert Cobo that the PC can use Gates Magic under certain highly qualified circumstances (including having completed the adventure with Lambert and the Ghost familiar). I mean, in the Lambert and Ghost familiar adventure, Lambert gives the PC a gates magic spell. Would this be permissible?

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@Legate of Mineta: Although I would hardly presume to know how the romance paths for all of the characters will develop, I have the following ideas for the following characters' paths:

1. Isabeau Glorieaux: I hope that one aspect might be her mother's fears that the male PC might be seeing her daughter as a fling (rather as I presume she was for Isabeau's father).

2. Beatrix von Wetgen: Addressing the two hidden elephants in her character: that she is a duke's only daughter who never mentions this (why?!) and that she keeps wondering into the Imperial reserve with permission.

3. Zoe Melis: Where her need for money ends, and why she needs the money.

4. Sima Venesico: What is her deal? All of it: her family, her use of hypnosis, her sales to collectors, and her power over Philippe. And that is not even considering the Triplets!

5. Tabin Furenzti: I am very creeped out by his interest in mind-controlling plants - and hope that there can be a scene in which he promises a female PC never to use them against her.

If any of these suggestions are too strange or mature for how Academagia will develop in later years, I hope that you will forgive me for writing them.

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