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I really like tabs for sorting information, and I think it might be a good idea in Year 1 or Year 2 to divide up Abilities according to Location, like Academagia Grounds, Imperial Reserves, and so on. The explore command already asks the player to chose which area the player wants to investigate, so perhaps some of the framework for this already exists?


This example shows what I have in mind. The + and - signs are used to show if an category is expanded or collapsed, which ought to help with reducing scrolling. Hopefully, a setup like this would reduce eye strain and improve usability in later years when we have more locations and activities to participate in.



-Academagia grounds

Grounds Keeper Office

Fields of the Academagia


+Elumia Proper

-Imperial Reserve

Asatis Falls

Campus of Sendus

Esteban Contu's School of Incantation

+City of Mineta

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Thanks for the effort- there are some good ideas here (I especially like how you have the days organized, and the macro area.) We're not done yet with our new concept, so this is good inspiration.


Thanks again!


No problem :angry:


I think the future UI can change radically the gameplay not on the game mechanisms side but on the game pacing.


Right now it is somewhat like filling paper works on weekly basis :D


I'm certain that more suggestions will come from others players to make the UI more friendly and more immersible.

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I'd like to see for mid-term exams and finals what's my rank and why not special events linked to your rank.


I'd like to see success failure replaced by success on the edge, success and great success and failed on the edge, failed, uter-failed. That would add to the possible outcomes of events.


I'd like that failing at trying in events would always give some skill step. You failed to sing ? You learned about dedication.


With that one, I'd like to see success earning less skill step, but items or visitation rights, or a new familiar, or new etc. If you have succed at a roll, you didn't learn something, you just used what you already knew.


That's it for now :)

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Vieux Chat;


For Exams, that has been requested by another Academagian, and we plan to improve the reporting there. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be able to implement special Events based on grades in Year 1.


Originally, the design did have degrees of success and degrees of failure, but they were removed from the design over two years ago. Degrees of success can be set in the Mod Tools, however.


Most Events do have failure results, and some (but not most) have results similar to your request.


Keep your suggestions coming!

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I'd like to be able to select how I study in class (do I try new things ? Higer chances to get injured but higer reward. Do I listen without chating with friends ? No "bad" class event and a fairly good chance to get one more skill step. DO I chat with friends ? I enhance relationship, get the skill step and a chance to get 1 step in playfullness. I work in team with a friend (which I have at least 5 in relationship) ? Better skill steps but a chance to get 1 stess point. etc.)

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