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The Dawn Ferret Familiar (Dancer) should maybe get a Attribute remape because some skills assiotade with this Familiar and requested in the Questline (Move Silently, Hide) are Insight based and the Ferret only start with Insight 1.


Please also have a look at the Familiar Questlines for unresonable High rolls because I found 5!! in the Familiar Adventure Ferret (without even looking at the Investigations)



Familiar Base: Fitness 2 Finesse 3 Charm 3 rest 1

Step 3 Exit 1 Str+Courage (Strength) Vs 12 or Exit 2 Insight+Material Knowledge (Insight) vs 6 or Exit 3 Fitness+Pure Luck (Luck) vs 6

the only halfway resonable roll is Pure Luck here

Step 4a Exit 1 Str+Courage (Strength) Vs 17 or Exit 3 Explore (Luck) + Luck vs 7

I dont think this stepp is manageable without buffing

Step 4b Exit 1 Finesse + Infiltration vs 18 or Exit 2 Fitness + Acrobatics (Finesse) vs 8 or Exit 3 Finesse+Courage(Strength) vs 8

Acrobatics is in line but the rest oO

Step 5 Exit 1 Swimming (Fitness)+Fitness vs 9 or Exit 2 Luck+Running(Fitness) vs 10 or Exit 3 Peruasion(Insight)+Charm vs 9 or Exit 4 Pure Luck (Luck)+Luck vs 8

Exit 1 is the easyst here and Exit 2 is still OK but I would assotiate both more like the last step then the step bevore because with Fitness 2 its much harder the the Finesse bassed rolls of the last step.

Step 6 Exit 1 Gate Methodes(Fitness)+Int vs 9 or Exit 2 Insight + Observation vs 24 or Exit 3 Manipulation(Finesse)+Finesse vs 9

Exit 2 is absolut unresonable, Exit 1 only for people who even know the Skill and Exit 3 also need first to success in the Investigation but is resonable for the last step.




Over all I think we either need ways to boost the Atributes of the Familiars (Temp or Perm) beside the Adventure Chain or the Adventures for the Familiar have to adjusted drastical toward the Base Attributes of the Familiar.

(I already suggested some time ago to make buffing spells we can use on other Students aviable for the familiar also)


Edit 1: After playing through Professor Storey's Sights I realy hope player with good Gate magic can perform such feats in year 2 even if he have to be carefull not to be watched.

(I am now also sure Ilaro isn't a Gate Magic User because he didnt teleport him self)

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I would love to have a Revision Class Adventure that gives a Ability that give a Random brew + a Random Botany + a Skill of Choice.

Maybe trough a Library about Alchemy that get aviable trought the adventure.

The reason why I request this is that taking the Revision Class make the best Library (of Manetele) nearly useless.

(How about a adventure where the player become friend to a old person and because his days are counted the player go to a search for a Alchemy Potion to extend the live.)

Hope its OK to suggest a new Adventure Chain with only this vew details.

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Student Adventure Neta 9 & 10.

Because 9 and 10 are linked I think the difficult to go through this get to high (Roll vs 19 followed by a roll vs 25 against different skills).

Just to say I am happy this 2 adventure parts are linked but maybe the difficulty need to be adjusted.

(For my Char this means I have to use 2x Revision of Skills for using my Highest Base Skill with 15 + need in Buffing this skill even with Fitness 10)

Step 9 only contain 1 choice except if you have Spells that probably need the right Skill at level 11 to get them unlooked.


Edit: Can it be that only the last Revision of Skills take effect if you cast 2 or more in follow up?

(tested with buffed Animal Husbandry 19 with first Negotiate and then Brute Strenght and failed the Negotiate roll vs 19)

If so then its much more important to keep the difficultys low when you make 2 or more steps in a Adventure at one day.

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Because right now the pure Skill based Backrounds (like 6 magic skills) arn't anywere near as interesting as the other, how about give them one Skill Maximum increase?

Even if that means it would reduced to 5 Skills +1 Skillmaximum I think this options in the Background will become all of the sudden much more interesting if one still have background points to spend.

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Isn't Emilias Gift a bit to Powerfull for be a permanent buff?

Just the +3 Charm would be justifing it to be a temp buff and then she also gives +6 points to skills what is equal or even more powerfull then the complet Buff you get from a student like Oriable Sidot.

From the description of Emilia it also should be a Temp. buff.

(thanks to her Gift and Garden Gallery one can easy start with a 3 person + player clique within the 1st week even without spend 1 point in Befriend)

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So the Buff we get from NPCs in the Clique changes (hopefull improve) in the next years?

Wow that will make the choises even more difficult ... I already try to reduce the number of Coleges in my Cliques to keep the Chars playable in the next years.

But probably only the last char of each college from me will manage it to year 2 and maybe I even will do special year 1 chars after I have expieience with year 2 oO.

(Sorry I know its wrong here but wanted to answear to this post ^^)

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I think ther soudn't be a break betwean Student Adventure Orso 2 and 3 because the story of step 3 continue only a heart beat after step 2 ended.

Maybe the Difficulty need to adjusted for this but compared to the newer adventures I don't see any other problem with direct linking this.

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I have to say I really like this game. Most of these small games I will play for a while then I get bored and move on but this one I keep coming right back and I'm really looking forward to future DLC's and even more so for year 2!


One thing I was thinking could definitely improve though was the familiar's(Ya I know somebody else complaining about familiar's). I think the familiar's could be a very interesting and huge part of the game and it's story. Mainly I would like to see more of the familiar's individual personalities expressed in the game and not just in their individual adventures. I think it would be great to see the familiar's occasionally chiming in during other adventure's or just at random points during the day (Maybe the chance of a familiar popping up would depend on the strength of your bond?) maybe when they do chime in they could even provide alternate method's for finishing an adventure that wouldn't normally be available. I was also thinking that maybe one part of there personality could be that they would have an affinity for certain skills. I was mainly thinking this could be expressed in say an extra skill bonus? IE Normal if the skill is at 10 you would only gain a +5 bonus but because of the familiar's affinity for that skill your get a +6 or more but again maybe that could depend on how strong your bond is with the familiar.


I think thing's like that could add a lot to the familiar's and the game as a whole. Who wouldn't love to have a little snark dragon or sarcastic Sprite flying around making comment's and pun's while your trying to avoid blowing your face off in your invocation's class.

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It would be nice if the Bitter Enemy Background would be for the Opposit College instead fixed to Morvidus College. (Ie. Vernin if the player is from Morvidus)

If this is not posible then how about offer 6 dfifernt typs of this background that exclude each other for the Colleges except Hedi.

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In Random Event Animal Pen 3 and in Random Event Library 13, the first screen did not have the character name but Him (grammatically inappropriate) or He instead.


In the first instance, the screen came up a second time after a choice of green action, and the second display of the first screen did have the name.



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