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I think it would be good if Random Event Shop 8 have a max money requirement (like player have max 200 pims) if it dont slow down the game.


Story Adventure - Avgust 3B (Hunt) and Story Adventure - Avgust 4B (Hunt) sould be linked and the difficult reduced (maybe 13 and 14 instead of 18 and 20)


The Story Adventure - Avgust 3B (Hunt) could also use a Mammals and/or Animal Handling Exit for geting the small Wolf quite.

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Story Adventure - Avgust 3B (Hunt)


New Investiagtion:

Mammals: What do you know about Wolf


Success: You remember that dogs are descandant of Wolf. So a wolf not just look similiar to a dog it probably also have the same body language.


New Exit 1:


Animal Handling (Need Mammals Investiagtion) calm the Wolf


Success: You know that you probably captured a low ranked wolf of the pack and so he probably is hungry. After you gave him some Dog Food you have with you the wolf started to trust you and even got sleepy because of his full stomach.

Failure: The Wolf bit you the first moment you thry to calm him down. (outch)


New Exit 2:


Mastery or Glamour Put the Wolf to sleep



Story Adventure - Avgust 4B (Hunt)


New Exit


Glamour Mask the Wolf as a huge dog

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Student Adventure Zoe Melis 03a have only 2 Conversation exits maybe one of them could be canged to Befriend, Flattery or Journalism


Student Adventure Zoe Melis 03b again have only 2 exits with the same skill (persuasion) so I suggest to change the Exit 02 to Syntax, Forms, Calligraphy or Grammar

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Legate you mentioned that Events that require a other Event would be go off to rare but "Random Event - The Candle of Avila 02" require that "Random Event - The Candle of Avila 01" was trigered bevore.

So I sugest for this also to make the 2nd step a adventure instead of a event.


(btw I finished my Avila game so probably No new reports from me till next DLC release)

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Is Healing Posible via Adventure exits? If yes then there is a content fix posible for the Vitality bug. (Adding a full heal or a 20 point heal at all exits in the Introductory Letter 1)

Sure it still dont allow to give damage from a backgound but its at last bether then now.

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A other work around Idea.


Make after the Introudcion Letter one more Step


Main Text:

"You arive in the City of Mineta"

Exit 1 (NO Background Flag set)

"... and continue witout any future problem to the Academagia"

continue to next step

Exit 2 (Flag set for New background You got Robbed)

"you arive a bit early and decided to explore the City"


"when all of the sudden feel a big pain at you neck and then all got black. When you manage to get up you realise you got robed"

-500 pims (or sets Money to 0 but dont think this is posible)

-2 Vitality

Remove Flag

Return to this Step

Exit 3 (Flag for Enemy form Rival House and Avila)

"There is a person clothed in the Academagica robes"


Set Random Godina Student Relationship to -5

Stress +2




I am not sure what flags can be set in the Background and then checked and even modivied in a Adventure but I think that at last Items missused as Flags sould be work.

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Maybe the import function for year 2 should put all equiped items into the Knapsack or the Wardrobe because we haved a loot of item slot changes for items in the year 1 DLCs so fare.

I also hope that there is a good advance for imported chars toward new generated chars in year 2.


Edit: I suggest to have more 2 Attribute backgrounds for the Familiars like Strength + Luck or Insight + Charm because managing rolls of 9-11 when your base attribute is only 1 is very painfull.

(Especial with so many important SS based on Insigth)

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Now that a few more DLC have been released I am digging back into Academagia. One thing I have been thinking about is how the grades are solely based on the results of the exams. Seems like there should be a class project or something similar for each class that makes up a portion of the grade. Maybe an adventure that that is automatically run on the first day of class. By doing this the following could be accomplished -


1. The professor can be introduced to the player in a more in depth way. I found most of the professors to be unidentifiable. Will also allow for favor to be earned.


2. Class expectations are clearly stated and goals for each class can be set.


2. Will allow for the player to be introduced to his/her classmates and begin a friendship/rivalry.


3. Will give a greater school feel to the events that are occurring.


4. Even though the use of lore is planned more for year 2, could be a good place to have adventure exits tied to lore specifically learned in the class.


5. Could act as an easier adventure chain to give the player some early success.


i.e. Zoology


Professor Pachait stands before the class and is growing impatient. "Take your seats ladies and gentlemen, we have alot to accomplish today. This is Beginning Zoology and I am your instructor, Regnault Pachait. Our goal for the year is to gain an understanding of the different mammals, birds and insects you may encounter around Mineta. Your grade will be based on 2 exams, the first occurring on 13 Cheimare where a score of 35 is considered passing, and the second at the end of term on 25 Kaliri where we expect at least a grade of 70. If you are not the strong on tests, additional points may be earned through a team project in which you and a partner will be asked to travel to the Imperial Reserve and find the Zoological items on the list I am handing out now. A final grade of 130 will be considered high honors and will allow you to study in the Honors Zoology course next year. So, take the next 5 minutes to partner up and then we will start on chapter 1."


You quickly look around trying to find someone who you will want to work with for the rest of the year. There appears to be only 3 unpaired students, a large Mordivus boy with an angry look on his face, a loud Aranaz boy who doesn't seem to stop talking and a girl from Vernin who appears disgusted by decor of the room.


1. Approach the Mordivus boy.

2. Talk to the Aranaz boy.

3. Attempt to partner with the Vernin girl.



Next steps would be to be to find an empty beehive or take a picture of a wolf or whatever makes most sense in the world. Each item could be it's own small adventure chain with difficulty increasing based on the item.


Obviously classes like Zoology, History, and Athletics have a much higher potential for interesting adventures than Grammar or Arithmetic. Still haven't thought of a rockin Grammar adventure. WOOOOO! Semantics! Party! Maybe visit locations listed in famous poetry and prose. Or act them out.


Ok, time to turn the brain off.

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@Legate: I would say we just force people to take Introduction Class on the first day.


I thought Grammar was important because bad Grammar screw up verbal spells?


You get sent to help ensure the Grammar is right in some 30-Casters Astrology ritual.

Fail, and you get a meteor landing on you.


And perhaps you help fix some sort of enchanted item that screwed up the crucial grammar part.


You need to help fix the magical torches;

they contain a emergency light spell, but the audio trigger is all wrong.


Music is easy!


And perhaps an additional adventure on writing a magical song.


Arithmetic is...erm....

Calculate how far has the escaped prisoners run?

(And also how heavy they are, )

Help clear out some ruins that are guarded by Arithmetic Questions?


Mastery: Master The Professors.

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If we are forced to take the intro class on the first day, then at least shield us from bully since some of us start with lower vitality and need to rest asap.


Or maybe remove the whole first month of normal classes and replace them with introductory classes.

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