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New Background: No Control over time


Hardcore Mode that disable the Save button for this Character


Gives 2 Point but disable the save button (Can only be implemented after we got Autosave)




I think this would be bether then having a special hardcore button in the gamestart and I dont expect that the work needed at the core programm would be to much different.



Because this feature need to make a named save file on the last day or when the ending starts to be able to use this char next year here my Suggestion to solve this problem:

Just general call the Save function at the start of the ending and then give the save a different end (like .ame) so it can't be loaded in year 1 without renaming it.

Maybe a other flag is also needed so that the game refuse to load it even after renaming it but that dont have a to high priority because this would need that the player active messing around.

This way all player can get a export file for year 2 when the game is over (and not have to make a manual save 1 day bevore).

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I suggested to call the save function because then the player can enter his own Name for the save or complet dismiss to save at the end.

Sure making the autosave name there for the Char Name could work but then the file would be overwriten when the player again plays a char with the same name.

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About the familiars how about just adding the 5-7 most common Exotic Familiars as 2 point background so the list dont get to long (and so the check for excluding each other).

This solution could be easy implemented with a DLC without changing the code.


Edit my Suggestion for this would be:

Dancer: Ferret

Rapidly: Rabbit

Needleshanks: Hedgehog

Condotierre: Hawk

Erzatz: Bat

Armand: Lizard

Elanzara the Fantastic: Toad

(just from the base typ but you know the world bether then any player ;) )

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I hope to see this already in DLC 9 :)


New Background Suggestions:


Station: Poor

+1 Background Point; Parental Approval is fixed to 0 (bether would be it just dont give Money but the player still can collect it)

Your Parents are very poor so you barly haved enough to eat and the cloats you wear have seen bether days when you lived at home.

But some time ago you managed to get a Stipendium for the Academagia and today is the day when your new live will start!

(looked: Family Favored Child; Family Wizards; Station: Wealthy; Station: Well-to-Do; Family: Black Sheep)


Even working nearly the same as Black Sheep its a huge difference from the RPG point and how the Summerbreak will be handled.


There could be even a other Background

Family: No Parents

Parental Approval is fixed to 0 (when there are no Parrents how will you gain or loose this ^^) but I am usure what other backgrounds should be looked

You where raised by a orphanage because you lost your parents when you was a small child.

Sure it wasnt that bad but your more than hapy that you managed to gain entrance to the Academagia to get away from the orphanage.



Edit: If I saw it right the curent Modtool dont allow abilitys that only are aviable at certain days i.e. like a Weekend Market so how about adding this to year 2 so a moder can set opening days in a week and maybe also opening "times". This would also allow to differ betwean "Shop Lift" and "break in" if a player whant and can go the more shady ways of money gaining. ^^


Edit2: I wonder if Player who already use Mastery in the 1st year not become big troubles next year because from what I have read the People you use Mastery on at this level full know they are under your controll!

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For Edit 1, something like that is already in Year 2. :)


For Edit 2, simply due to the popularity of Mastery amongst the community (or at least certain Puddings), there won't be too many harsh penalties for knowledge acquired in Year 1. But going forward there will be increasing risks for using the proscribed arts...:)

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I am not talking about the pure knowledge because then the Secret Hertiage background Chars also would have big problems but more about people active using it in year 1 :).

But I dont think I have much to fear with my chars because moste of them have just studyd this magic but never spend a time slot to actual cast this spells.

What my Chars probably worrys more is if there will be some sort of punishment in year 2 about skipping to much class in year 1 ;).

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I had an idea for skills. Obviously the idea of creating so many skills was to try to make perfection of all an impossibility. I have found that you can gear a character in a certain direction, such as an astronomer, a spy, or a fighter type, very similar to the classic RPG classes that someone has posted about with a list of some criteria. I wanted to expand on that idea with what I call "shadow skills."


These are not related to the shadows, but rather act much like the skills of familiars (trained, but only given half). These would be skills that build character depth. They are not broad by intention and have no direct use in events by themselves, though some locations might be associated with them. Take one of the deleted skills: "Opticks." This might not merit a whole skill associated with itself as it is too narrow, but an astronomer would have use of it. They would provide a small bonus to the basic astronomy skills. If you wanted to create a philosopher character, you might be able to specialize in certain kinds of philosophy for a small bonus to logic rolls. Another example could be applied to botany. Though you have divisions between seeds, flowers, roots, and agriculture subskills under the Botany skill, shadow skills that might impact them could be related to hobbies (gardening, landscaping) or interest (e.g. Tropical plants). Linked to playfulness or creativity and others could be Roleplaying or Chess or Card Games (as opposed to just gambling).


What do you guys think?

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Suggestion: Accumulated Knowledge Pool


Synopsis: Wasted skill points are accumulated into a "pool" that can be used to increase associated skills. Associated-skills would be ones that use the same primary attribute.


Current Mechanics: A character uses the ability "Match Wits With the Emperor", this ability raises the following skills: Running (Random), Flowers (Random), and Mammals. The character already has Running at the maximum skill level, so the player sees the message that Flowers and Mammals were each raised by one skill-step.


Currently, the point in Running would be wasted. However, this change would give the player some benefit for their work. It would also apply for skills gained from random-events and adventures.


Suggested Mechanaics: Per the example above, the player's Running skill would be raised by one skill-step, but the skill is maximized. The change would be to create a pool for each attribute, this pool would work as follows.


Excess skill points are placed in a pool linked to each attribute (Fitness, Luck, Insight, etc.). Once a pool has X amount of skill points in it, the player is granted a random skill-step in a linked ability. This would assume that they acquire related knowledge through similiar activities. This would be in a random skill, including currently untrained or unknown skills. The game would run a check to confirm that the skill gaining the new skill-step is also not maximized. If all skills of a related attribute are maximized, then any additional benefits would be lost.



Would this be viable from a coding/game mechanics perspective?

Would every 4 points of excess skill learning be too high or too low as a threshhold for the randomly gained skill-step?

Would this increase game enjoyment?

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I could see skill-tiers as a viable alternative in future years and this notion would fit well with your suggestion and keep the difficulty levels in the game manageable as the years progress.


Parent Skill: Athletics

Basic Skills: Archery




Advanced Skills (Unlocked Once Basic Skill Reaches Level 10, applies X% benefit to parent skill)

Archery: Indirect Fire

Archery: Quick Draw

Archery: Competitive Archery

Running: Sprinting

Running: Distance

Running: Cross-Country

Swimming: Diving

Swimming: Underwater

Swimming: Competitive

Wrestling: Grapples

Wrestling: Pins

Wrestling: Throws


This is just a broad-example, but would allow for specialization with a possibility for less powercreep in future years.


Does that make any sense?

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The pool idea is very interesting, actually- that's a good way to keep the Player progressing towards something, even when they have maximized what they are working on. We'll have to see if we can get that in, as it's very promising.


For Skills, you'll see that what we plan on doing is akin to your suggestion. :)

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The Aultrine Problem 01 maybe the player sould get small boost till the Runes got removed again perhaps something like +1 Brute Strength +1 Willpower and +2 Vitality Max.

I could be balanced with some penalty to social actions.


Edit: How about also unlook Study at the Library of Longshade when the player can summon the Library Ghost with gate Magic?

I know for most the filing roll is easyer to make but this would be a interesting and logical alternative to this.


Edit2: Could Dispel and its lesser Version changed from a Spell that try to prevent the oponent in casting a hostile spell during combat in a spell that remove lasting effects of Spells on its target?

I ask for this because thats what I usual expect from the spell Dispel.

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How about some new negative Backgrounds that reduce the max of all SS in one magic skill by 1.

This would be a interesting background to simulate limited ability in one magic form if the game engine allows for SS to have a max of 9!


Edit 1:

"Enchant Knowledge: Palettes" sould probably read like : ... one's Palletes rolls. instead of ... one's Palletes Skill.

So it get clear that its add to the roll and not direct to the skill!

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Had another idea while browsing over some of the event content submissions for DLC 9. I noticed that all of the events and adventures don't really have a follow-up, with a few exceptions. My idea was to have major random events and adventures launch into a mandatory adventure (providing all requirements were met) within a few days of completion or upon visiting a new site, and can be path-dependent if final adventure has different moral context (like the familiar adventures) or outcome. For instance, something that nearly destroyed the school might prompt a lecture by Legate Orsi a few days later warning about careless magic use. This would give a more contextual basis for adventures, rather than everything being isolated and unheard of throughout the remainder of the year. They might reward some skill/item or they might just be flavor text that is its own reward.


Here's an example of what I mean:


The random event where you break into a building and rescue a shopkeeper ends with your gaining access to her shop. What if upon the next time visiting her shop, flavor text would kick in and she runs up and hugs you, maybe giving you a treat (to simulate what is going on in the business). It might have no other effect, but provides a richness to the city. OR it could open up a mini-adventure path (1-3 levels) based on getting revenge against her kidnappers, which would have a reward... and a whole lot of sweets!

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How about some new negative Backgrounds that reduce the max of all SS in one magic skill by 1.

This would be a interesting background to simulate limited ability in one magic form if the game engine allows for SS to have a max of 9!


Interesting idea indeed... I don't know why the game engine couldn't allow it, since there are already quite a few permanent SS modifiers due to various causes. The ones I'm aware of are all positive, but temporary modifiers can be negative. However, given how many ways (buffing spells, certain locations, unlocked permanent increases) there are to increase magic stats in game, I'm not sure if a penalty of only -1 would be more than a minor nuisance over the long-term. Of course, that might be what you had in mind.*shrug*

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