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The -1 max is realy a long term handycap because you can't reach the same maximum as someone without this handycap no matter how much you boost if the player without this limit boost the same he is allways this 1 point ahead!

True but IMHO not really pertinent, after all this isn't a multi-player game. Therefore the only thing your character is competing against are skill roll difficulty numbers and NPCs (which don't seem to utilize buffs anywhere near the degree a PC can and probably should).


Although upon further reflection, such a background would preclude earning certain bonuses for getting magical skills permanently to 10 or 11. That would be more of a sacrifice, since most of these bonuses are useful.

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Pudding actually used your idea already. Pretty amusing stuff. :)




This is a great and fun idea- but an engine limitation in Year 1. For Year 2, I'll see if we can squeeze some follow ups in- thanks!


Legate, I think the engine limitation would necessitate many new memories being created and distributed to each event/adventure, which is the cumbersome part. It's doable, but a pain.

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Only that I put this up long befor Creme Puding suggested it ^^ (you just didn't watch this thread so I´have made a new post when I whanted to added something via edit so you will see it)


Yeah, it was dear Ms.Schwarzbart's idea :P


@R_D: Wow. That actually sounds really fun!

*Now wait for random event follow up to the Hedi Music Contest to get revenge on the lovebirds*

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Thanks to Vincent in my Clique the Adventure of The Cube is realy strange for my CHaracter because the green exits are all made via the skills of Vincent Eins.

So a Character who not even heard about Competition make the roll without any problems.


Why I write in Suggestions is that for such adventures when the Char is realy on his own the Engine need a way to block that the Clique can make the rolls for the player.

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How About a Group Picture where the Students then can meet and talk about the Merit they have gained? Effect keeps the same but this would be a real reward that could handed out.


Without such a Point its just Huh couldnt we have done this with any other Merit Victory also?

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The Alturine Problem 07 I wonder if seeing a real Dragon and the actual survive to tell about this isn't wort a point of Glory even with a Prof. on you side its still something.

Maybe you can reduce a bit of the Relationship gain (+10 when you get some already bevore?!) and the Merit Points for this.


Also a slight rework of the exit of the Mod Tool would be nice bacause windows 7 shutdown can't handle the Yes/No question you put up on closing and this show up even with nothing changed.


Edit: For year 2 could you pleace handle the class/college change via a ingame visit to the Admissions Office and the End of year Handout of the credentials for imported chars via a calender event?

I mainly ask for this so a year 1-2 mod could be easyer made but its also helps with the realism.

Maybe a new created char just start one day later so he get past this event.


If Imported chars use Variables of the typ byte(0-255) or higher for the Exam resoults we even could feed this numbers via Ingame "Exams" for this event and if there is asotiated variable for the class the report can probably even be used 3 times in year 2.


I just hope that I am not to late for such engine suggestions for year 2.


(btw. I dont think a year 1 mod for year 2 will ever be a rival to the real year 1 because even just the copy and paste of the Events & Adventures to such a mod would be probably prove to much even for a team ^^)



Btw nice Candy I got from RE - Candy and Stranger ^^ but sadly my Chars will just sell them because they usual have a bether ways to gain this knowledge.


Edit 2: It would be great if we would be reported for the birthday of our Clique Members. Something like "Today you was at XX Birthday Party" would bring a bit more flavore to the NPCs close to the player.


Edit 3: Can you disable RE Kitchen 12 and maybe some other when the player have goten Visitation Rights to the Kitchen?

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Sorry when I sometimes even come up wih ideas again that I already have sugested in the past because I dont keep books about what I have suggested so fare. ^^

(I think some of the Mod Tool abilitys where already requested from me in the Past for year 2.)

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