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It would be nice if Acting could eventually give you access to a part of the Dimmae Theatre. I know theater and acting are separated, but it does seem like an actor or actress would like to know where the majority of the acting takes place (as the Spavia Theatre is a theatre of a different sort)- getting the location at Acting 5 or 8 would be nice.

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Is there a way to improve Random Event Shop 13 the Investigation 2 Prof choise?

Because it unlooks a Negation Spells Exit it probably should be Prof Briardi instead of a Random Class Prof if the char have Negation class and if not he Probably have learned it from a book instead from class.

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Familiar Bond Adventure Dog 3 apears that it was intended to direct continue to step 4 instead of taking a break.

Because going back trough a bad area of the city after you just spoted the Fortress is kind of strange, also there is a leave exit in step 4.

Reading trough this adventure it looks like the first planed break is betwean Step 5 and 6 because at step 6 the Char makes the important decision and step 6 dont have a leave exit.

(So there are 2 forced breaks set in that was never intended in the adventure and also wouldn't placed there in the newer adventures)


Edit btw. the good path can get very hard acording to the db.

Observation vs 17 then Planing vs 9 is continued by Listen vs 22 then Acting vs 17 without any break. Good luck to every one gething trough this ^^.

the direct way without the Investigations is in my eyes managable (brute strangth vs15 + Passion vs20)

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I've been having a hard time picking up Rimbal skills (besides, of course, Endurance)- any chance that Athletics Competition, for instance, could inform them? Or that the athletic field could give a random Rimbal rather then a random Athletic (as there's so many ways to raise those) subskill? Either would work.


Vullamane Student Adventure could use a going over: the first part (up to 4 or so?) all seem to happen right after another on the roof, but each part is a new adventure that needs to be pulled up.


All the Guild Law You Can Take (Part I)/City Hall Adventure 03 always shows up as green due to the 'Give up' option- if possible, maybe that option should be ignored when the game figures out how to color code it.

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Just an idea for Year 2 regarding portraits...


From what I am seeing so far, you can easily take a player portrait from one college and slap the head on some other college's player portrait.


Er, what I mean is that, for next year, can we simply make the player portraits universal for all colleges? It is not too hard to slap the same head on different college, and it definitely makes the player feel a lot better than being restricted to two heads...

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Holiday [Muneris] how about a new follow up Incantation prerequisit, Pure luck Investigation you have your wand ready, Archery you shoot the bird down with a projectile spell.


Hey if this bird thinks it can thief from a mage it have to live? with the consequences.


Edit 1: Can Chars from year 1 get some new background choises in year 2 so we can pick some Backgrounds that wasnt relevant till year 2 like our Parents?

Especial for the Parents I hope there will some choises for the player at the start of year 2 if the Team realy plane to bring them ingame.

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Could you set the Vernin Adventure up to a rework in one of the next DLC?

I ask for this because curent it is set up for having a clifhanger at the end of each step instead of watching to have each day closed bevore taking a break.

So there are so strange things like you open a chest but to see whats in the chest you have to wait till you the next time call the adventure oO.


Edit: Could you please give some other rewards for the character instead of Familiar Kinship in the Familiar Adventure Dog, you give it there in all 9 steps!

(Because you already need some points in this SS to even train your dog its kind of wasted points ^^)

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Not sure when (or why) issues w/ the UI stop being brought up, since 57 pages of forum is a litle much to tackle in one sitting... anyway, my (possibly totally inappriate) $0.02:


The problem with the UI is mainly one of flexibility. The rigid structure forces you to either memorize a massive amount of information or having to scroll endlessly through menus... the easiest solution would probably be to add a text search to most menus and lists, letting you simply skip ahead to the bits you want.


A larger-scale, cooler, and infinitely more difficult solution would be to consolidate ALL the info into one student journal type deal, which would be organized into things like Spells, Items, Locations, Skills, Friends, a Map (o happy day!), etc. This would NOT be fully accesible during events; the current setup can have you basically pulling out the Encyclopaedia Academagia during earnest combat and reading some poems :P. To compensate, a certain number of pages from each entry could be dogeared for quick access later, allowing them to be pulled up during events, or, outside of them, you could just use it to mark a favorite poem. Keep the text search for quicker use, and have each entry expand like friend knowledge does now (new information won't create a new page, just add to an existing one if at all possible).


Edit 1: Oh, and for increased variabilty, some entries could just be flat-out *wrong,* either due to deliberate misninformation (used as a form of bullying; a classmate who hated you might deliberately mislead you about the nature of such-and-such a pheme), random class events (failing that Concentration roll during Incantation might have some amusing consequences), or simple scholarly misunderstanding (a botched Research attempt could result a flawed advancement)

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Thanks! We'll look into this in DLC 9. :)




These are good suggestions- you won't see (major) improvements on the UI until Year 2- I suspect that this is the predominant reason why such issues do not frequently appear here. We do intend to implement a text search, though, and we have some neat ideas in general for organization. We hope you will approve. :)


The original design actually did have misinformation built into it in regards to your fellow Students, but it was removed when the Newspaper system was removed. I'm not sure if it will be back...probably yes, though.


We don't plan to collect the game's information in a single area, a la a journal, but we do intend for it to be more easily searched, cross-referenced and linked. Poetry recitals in combat situations notwithstanding. ;)


It's interesting to note that some of the Lores are misinformation, though...;)

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In the Student Adventure Orso we head out in a group of player why not make this players first picked from your clique?

It would be nice to see the names of your clique Members to apear at last now and then and I think this would be a great place for this.

I suspect this is a engine limit?


Edit: RE Random Event Potions 3 wouldn't Revision a good way to counter the growth? (At first I thought about sugesting a Negation exit but Revision looks more suitable)

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If it's impossible to change the UI at this point, can I suggest that all item descriptions be altered so the top line of them point blank tells you the effect of the item, with the paragraphs after it then being the description we have now, that describes the item in a more lore and natural way?


As it is, I must repeat, buying items is basically impossible on a laptop or an older mac, both which will give you a mouse without a central 'roll' button. All you can see is the first line of the item. If the first line was basically '+2 Pure Luck, +3% chance of random encounter' or 'Unlocks all Mastery subskills' or even 'Metal to be used in artifice', it would make the game a lot more enjoyable for those not using a scroll-button mouse.


I know that would be a huge step of annoyance, but I know I and probably a lot of people who troll the mod tools and writing forum would be happy to help if at all possible.

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It is indeed something of an engine limitation, although that's an area we are looking at improving.


I'll pass on the note about Potions 3, though- thanks!




It's possible to reorganize the descriptions of the Items as you suggest, although that will need to wait until (probably) DLC 10. :)


What we may do here is have a tooltip window which appears, so you can read about the Items no matter what resolution you use. We'll have to see if we can scale the font, though.


Thanks again!

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How about puting The Venalicium Library: Forbidden Archives to cryptology 12 (the player curent can get there without actual doing any Research) so you can keep the Research Topic "Research" on the Forbiden Archives.

Sure this would mean you have to give out something new at Research 11 but there you can give a Attribute +1 for now.


Edit: If this is not to your liking then you have to creat a new place for i.e Cryptology 12 where you then place the "Research" Research Topic.

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Suggestion for Improvement: Relationship Web


Would it be possible using the games engine to create a relationship web for a player-defined group of students and also for clique relationships.


I am picturing this as a list of students with either a check-box or the hold-ctrl and select function.


Once selected it will bring up a relationship web defining how various student view one another. The view would feature each individuals portrait with a line connecting them to every other individual selected.


For example, if two students are selected and they have a -10 relationship and a rivalry, there will be a bright-red line between their two portraits with a lightning-bolt on-top of it.


If two students are in love with a +10 relationship, it could have a bright-green line with a heart on top of it.


Things to display:


-If the individuals are in a clique together

-If the individuals are in a love-relationship

-If the individuals are in a rivalry

-If the individuals are in a friendship

-If the individuals are in a jealous-state (i.e. both like the same individual)


It would be very helpful to gauage how your clique-mates feel about one another, to see who the bullies are picking on, and who to gossip about.





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