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Oh oh oh!!! (imagine a very excited little kid) Can we include a dramatic reconstruction of Mallen Field at some point? (second year is fine) I'd like to know how the writers *cough* historians think it went (and the chance to mess it all up by being a poor actor.)

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Speaking of all this Mallen-Field stuff, a certain Durand student I may or may not have played had a certain opinion that it was certainly a shame that there wasn't an opportunity to go mark up and otherwise deface and cause problems to the Mallen-Star.


While for this year it would make sense for it to just be a Durand specific event (and it may be one that I just haven't stumbled across yet!), a full 'Deface' option to counter the 'Guard' option would be pretty awesome for later years.

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I find it interesting how many times My character would have used Incanation Magic by now in Events when he realy not even have the slightes clue about this kind of magic so fare ^^.

Just got a other event that mentions the use of Incantation Random Event Vernin Common Room 1 Exit 2 "an easy incantation spell like Invisible Coals of Ladislau is more than enough to dry"

Suggestion: Replace the Incantation mentioned here with something from the Enchant class because there are sure ways with Enchant to do this and Vernin Chars are forced to take Enchant class.

I also hope we see a bit bether handling of what the player know or not know in Events and Adventures of year 2 :)

(just dont take it for given that a player know about some School of Magic when writing a Event/Adventure unless you checked bevore that he knows it.)


Edit: Student Adventure Orso 4 it would be great if we would get the recipe for this when we success in this Adventure step.

Also how about a Research + Enchant way to do this cloak?

Reseach to find a recipe how you can craft such a cloak and then Enchant to follow this recipe.

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Random Event Student – Everwine draws a portrait of you (at least with the Diplomacy success). It would be nice to actually get an item- maybe it would boost your confidence when you held it in the scroll slot or something. I don’t know. It was a cute gesture, anyway. Though I can't help but imagine Orsi all "..., seriously, kids."

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If you ever do a in game "academagipedia" in the next game, I hope it will be a comprehensive one where it shows the effect of rank of skill that has been unlocked with the unknown ones listed as ???? or something. Hopefully it can also be hyper link to other entries in the codex.


Another thing is i hope that actions, magic (and phemes) and abilities selection could have some sort of filter. Like i want use a ability that add relationship i can select a tab that filter out the other abilities. There are simply too many choices now and its not really easy to remember all their effects. Also can we have a special section of say 3 slots where we can put our most commonly used selection. I think most people will have some things that they do very often at various part of the game like using Vanalicium Library to pump up their Study levels at the start of game.

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Bright day

I am sorry if some of my thoughts have been raised before. I see that complaints about about UI have (brrr, searching for that one pheme that will raise my skill just enough). But has the question of using spells to solve ALL your challanges been raised been raised? I mean I know, Academy of Mineta is for mages, but if I magic Negation to be over twenty days before the exam, how much of accomplishment that really is? Especially at special challanges that raise my glory? Endurance 13 is already pretty pitifull, but with few spells Debate 30 is also at hand as you stack up spells and phemes on yourself. Really it it seems to me take a bit away from the sense of accomplishment and it seems bit strange that the society of Elumia would have not rules about the use of magic certain situations.


PS: And mybe allowing <space> in first names? If I can already have ridicolous surnames like di Missistila e Rotonne...

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Well, there is something of a point here. But then again, a few adventures all but require you to cast spells to buff up your abilities... I'd agree with the exams though... that said maybe in the later years it is required to "buff up" before an exam to pass. Would make all those who are poor at casting sad though. <_<

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Could you pleace add the Min Resolution to your sallening page and also ask Gamestop (impulse) to put them in the Requirement list?

I ask for this because Many Netbook dont have a high enough resolution and I was serching for some time (with no resoult) what the Min resoultion was again.

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I apologize before time if anything I mention has been brought up before but there is simply to much here for me to come through it all to be sure

maybe you guys should also consider a list of common rejected suggestions?


1. change the list of adventures you get as you complete quest chains to a single overarching title. this would save space for particularly long quests so instead of having a dozen or so lines of quests you'd only have a couple denoting the entire chain Also this would make it easier to tell what kind of quests your starting so that way you don't waste time trying to figure out what quests are what and also avoid potentially lock yourself out of other quests

so intead of having this


The Glamorous Thief


A Meeting in a Tavern


you have this


The Glamourous Thief


Main Quest:

The Captain of the Guard




Earth Stone



Sima and The Necklace


2.a suggestion for a quest. In the First year there's a quest (lady of the Lake) where you get turned into a werepenguin and have to do a task to get turned back to normal. I was thinking of expanding on that concept with a quest in the Second year where you get turned into a random werecreature or partially turned into a random creature and then you have the choice of either embarking on a quest to get changed back to normal like with the Lady of Lake adventure or choose to master your transformation like Lustus Venture does.

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Thanks! For the first suggestion, I don't think we plan on a further enhancement to this in Year 1, but there will be a better way to follow the threads, as it were, in Year 2.


For the second, I can't say anything definite yet, but there may be some features in Year 2 that you will especially enjoy... ;)

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