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I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but I suddenly don't remember if it has, so I'll add... are there plans in the second year to allow us to give items to our friends? Playing as Ceyn and Renate, it keeps (and kept) coming to mind that Emilia would probably appreciate all the flowers they kept running across more than they do, and Kayley ended up with six or so wands while none of her friends had a single one, which was very sad.


There also needs to be (or, more politely, I would very much like there to be) a vase that flowers can be stored in for the second-year dormrooms, as I repeat, one can end up collecting a ton of flowers over the year. >.>



Also? For this year, a super research skill (gotten by reaching Research 11 or Study Habits 11 or something) that allows us to Research 3/4 or so subjects at once (like how Advanced/Improved Familiar Training works compared to train familar) would be lovely. I love reading the research lore, but with so little rewards for it, I never get to do so. I keep comparing Researching- ten sessions spent for one attribute point (at best) to adventuring, where you'll spend around ten sessions for an attribute point, often enough an item, +2 or so relations, and eight or so skill raises, and... researching loses it's glamor.

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Thanks! I think it's too late to get this in 10, but maybe not...




Actually, there is already a Gift system in the game, but it was pulled at the last minute. You can experiment with it in the Mod Tools, though. We plan for dorm room decor in Year 2, although I doubt there will be any strong visualization of it- a vase seems...required. :)


Lore has an (important) in-game function in Year 2, and Research is definitely more useful overall. I don't think we're going to change the Research rate, though...but you never know. :)

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I'd agree that the lore from the research is wonderful, just *mutters* difficult to get hold of. I'd love to be able to research more per turn, but at the same time, it would make attribute points/very neat skills VERY easy to come by. Indeed, background research always takes some time if you wanna get it right ;)


A shame about the gift giving, it would have been grand (though I am shamed to admit that the idea hadn't crossed my mind)!


I was wondering if an expore/familiar SS/familiar bond was possible? I know explore is a bit... *cough* but it is always nice to explore, and I figure you might as well enjoy it with your familiar. An activity resulting in either Skill steps or perhaps bond expantions perhaps?

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Re Patrol 1

What would a Group of Aranaz Students on theyr way sneaking into the Morvidus College do when they encounter a 1st who is not of either college?

Ignore him? Maybe.

Bribe him? Maybe

Bully him? probably

Running away? No way!


But thats what Re Patrol 1 try to tell us!

So either change it to they whant to sneak into the players College or remove the part about the other Students and focus complet on the actual Robery.

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Oh oh oh!!


I know I am a bit early, but if you are returning the newspaper idea for year two - maybe you should consider advertisement for certain shops in the game. "Here at Ye Olde Potionse we give got mixtures that will remove you pim and pimples! Special offer"


Or something. Not sure if you could do sales this way, but maybe inform the location of a shop or at least give a suggestion of what was sold.




Also, maybe give a "bonus" for bullying? Like an emotion?


Emotion Wicked: You are feeling wicked, and it is great! Reduction of stress and an increase to intelligence by one point. Evil is sheer genious after all!


It is a suggestion. I just think that there is not much incentive for players to bully (nor anyone else for that matter, in game or RL) and it seems like a waste in some cases... maybe a SS in a random bully subskill, but that'd be kind of evil too (I shudder to think what Joana or Phillipe could do with that). I just think there should be a kind of reward for bullying. I'd like to bully the bullies, but I just know it will be a downward spiral not doing anything. (much linke RL... maybe the game is closer to real life than I first thought)

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Would be great if we get to do practice duels in year 2 ;)


I think duels would get naturally longer with more vitality in the second year... but then again, some of the npc students haven't been as busy stat-boosting as some of us <_<

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Can we have classrooms for Rhetoric, Grammar, Geometry- I think those are it, or is there not a Dialect one, too? It seems strange to have most class-rooms, but not those, even if all they are a random passive +1 random skill type deals.


And, a breath later, can something please be done about Aveline? Every Aranaz character I've played has wanted to kill her, and this time, I as a player was no different- she defamed us just one point away from the Champion's Room allowing stupid meanieface Vernin to take it. Grr! Maybe Deframe should only work on Durand, as Aranaz hates Durand, or whatever Collage Aveline would hate most. I don't know, I just know that the temptation to set her on fire (yay, fire spells!) gets higher and higher each day.




My champion room... :(

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Tease. Point and laugh at Aranaz!


Regarding the Stolen / Missing Rubies adventure for Durand, it might be fun to have Family:Skypirates come into play here.


Say, being suspected badly.

And having easier options in general (because you are understand pirates).


The Missing Rubies 01 <--- Skypirates might have a bit of trouble volunteering...

The Missing Rubies 07 <--- You could probably blend in just fine as the child of a skypirate.

The Missing Rubies 08 <--- Fool them by convincing them you are one of them?

The Missing Rubies 10 <--- Threaten them with possible revenge from your parents? (Might be too risky though, considering Briardi is standing right there)


And... The Missing Rubies 10, if you fail the roll, it sends you right back to Rubies 10 even though the text indicate you are supposed to be finding the rubies. It might actually be 09 instead.

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I haven't finished Year 1 of my character (I keep on making new ones and I'm not exactly free now), but what about a background with a relative at the Academagia for Year 2. Like, younger sibling or something, with parental approval bonus. XD


(Oh, and just wondering, has there been any fix for the Vista thing where you can't save your game? Because the latest patch still has that problem for me, and I'm saving every 1-2 days! =S)

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For year two... can I request that you guys maybe fiddle with the Flirt and Courteous Gesture abilities to allow a character the ability to be 'opted out' without having to reclassify them as another gender and totally breaking them in other ways?


(An odd question, I know.)


I'm having a difficult time figuring a way to do a character only interested in the same-sex. It seems like the best methods would be to not allow flirt/courteous gestures to be used on them, or allow them to be used but have them automatically fail, but I'm having difficult figuring out how to do either and I can't figure out how to do it through memories. If in the second year, there was ability to set flags on the characters (or have memories forbid/allow actions, which they don't.. seem to do?), it would be nice.


If I'm missing the obvious, feel free to hit me. >.>

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I think it would be great to know the NPCs who realy have class with you and not at a other class time slot.

This is also important for the game engine to know in events/adventures where NPCs of you class are picked at random.

I.e. in the event where you have to work together with Phillipe Marchant because this can't happen if Phillipe have the astrology class at 5. class time slot but the player at 1..

Its probably something I don't see in year 1 but I realy hope this will make it into year 2.

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