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Emotion Ecstasy gives +2 Stress Maximum but end at "Moderate Stress". (Because Joy end at Stress >2)

I think if the end with "Moderate Stress" is intended then maybe the +2 Stress Maximum should get replaced with -1 Stress Minimum?

As it is right now the +2 Stress Max wont work except someone have a Stress Max of only 1 or below.

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Can we get in year 2 Spells/Abilitys that Heal X% of the max Stress/HP when used?

I ask for this because the difference of a starting char and a char at the mid of year 1 is simply to big.

At the start a Heal of 1 is maybe usfull but later it becomes useless.

Even with just 10 HP I prefer to go down to 2-3 HP and then rest instead of use any Heal ability.


Just a follow up on this- it would be nice of emotions could be based after percentages rather then simple figures. I usually start off the year with around 4 Stress Max (Ceyn had what, 2?- that was even worse), which means 3 stress from a bully is an ARGHHH PULLING HAIR OUT RARRGGHHH moment. But I can end year one with around 12/16 Stress Max, and I have no doubt that in later years, we'll be able to push it higher. It's one thing to lose Joy when you have 2 out of four stress points 'up', but it seems stranger if it's 2 out of 16- you can still be feeling pretty darn happy then. It would be nice if it instead triggered the loss of Joy and all the good emotions when you had, say, 1/4th of your stress full.


(I wouldn't apply that to Calm and the *big big* emotions (Elation, maybe Soaring Amongst the Clouds), but Joy and particularly things like Yearning for the Imperial Past, Pirates Yarrr, Astrological Certainty seem weird to lose at such low stress. Er. If I'm remembering correctly and you do lose them.)


...At the same time, when you have 16 max stress, it seems strange that one single pinprick gets rid of your Bored/Fugue type emotions. It feels like it should be harder...



But that's just a thought on what would be nice. >.>

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Battlemace Adventure 04b how about let your dog (if you have the dog Familiar) track down the thief? (Familiar Kinship or Animal Handling)


The Spell "Cut and Heal" would be a great example of spell I would love to have % of HP Max.


First the player get 5% of his max HP rounded up damage, then this heals and the Target get 5% of His max HP in damage.

With just 5% it keeps low but get some risk back as stated in the description because your not absolut sure about the damage you take except you calculate it bevore. But the most important is that the cut transfers like it is to the target what wouldn't be the case if both just take 1 dmg no mather if the player Have 5 HpMax. and the Target 100 HpMax..


Btw I would love to see my oponent to cast this spell in a duel with the victory condition first blood ;)

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The more workintense thing would be to give a new Memory that is set in every adventure/Event where the Player jump High/Fly.

When this Flag is set the RE Rumor 17 is disabled but a new one takes its place with a higher chance but different exits that take in consideration that the player have done it realy.

Btw. just got Random Event - Simple Traps Suck where the player can Levitate with Negation magic.


For Festival of Blooms how about a new exit that also require the Investigation but instead of Incantation use Negation to reduce the effect of the gravity.


Edit: At the item "The Proving Ground" it sound like both the familiar and the player would get Strategy + Familiar Kinship so only after I sloted it I saw that Familiar Kinship is only trained for the Player and not also for the Familiar.


Eidit2: How about giving +1 Relationship to the Prof if you get to 11 in a Class Subskill? Usual Professor like the Pupil that stand out in theyr knowledge from the other.

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Is it intended that Durand Students on the Legion of Lions Adventure are forced to train the Duel SS because Step 06 only have one Exit, a Duel Roll? (At last to my knowledge there is no way to get a Main Skill Replaced via a Spell vor a short time)

Maybe a second Exit with a SS would be nice here.


A other thing isn't All Things Green a bit powerfull for a book that cost 750 pim?


+4 to 3 SS and +3 to Botany gives a totall of +7 to Botany


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