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Technically, yes, but eventually you will fail the comprehensive examinations and that...will end the game. ;)




Schwarzbart is correct- some Clique Members are more valuable in Year 1 than others. But you will find that what was valuable in Year 1 is less so in Year 2- sometimes dramatically. :)


Its not the differences in between their usefulness that bother me. Its more like, there's no potential for growth

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I think I understand your point- if so, the adventures you have been on, if successfully completed, do impact the Student. You'll have increasingly full ways to do that as we go along, as well. But I think these are longer term changes, whereas you'd like to see more immediate feedback? Either way, I'll send your comments over to the Team. :)

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Great suggestions here:


Will we have a control tab for our familiar in year 2? maybe the amount of controllable actions and action slots could be limited by the strength of our bond.


No, at least it's not planned as such. The additional options for your Familiar occurs in a slightly different manner. It's not a bad idea, though!


Progressive control 1-3 action slots/day depending on your bond with you familiand, and actions dependign on your familiars abilites and capabilites. Aswell as additional possibilities that you add by signing the familiar up for "familiar classes" or something.. Maybe it takes a fee in the form of pims and a well written aplication to the "familar/pet" school.


Or send them on missions to sabotage for your rivals, or simply partrol against the sabotage committed by rivals. Or whatever the familiar is good at and what you want it to get better at.


Also.. I was wondering... isn't there a risk that lacking social skill in a familiar can anoy/anger professors? I guess they know what it's like to be a young wizard with a hard to manage familiar.. But still at some point the kid is responsible for it's little hellion.. ?


I like the idea of Familiar School, though- does Contu have a class just for Familiars? :)


Some fun ideas about sabotage are already in the design, but this suggestion about the lack of Social Skills is pretty hilarious. I'll send that to the Team, thanks!


Familiars, it is thought, cannot Master their Mage due to the nature of the Bond.


If I remember correctly almost every NPC student at the Academagia is severely lacking social skills :P

People outside the gates must fear the day when those people get thrown out during the summer.

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Academagia: The Making of (Sociopathic)MagesTM? :rolleyes:



This keeps on slipping my mind, but would it be possible to use our Negotiation / Economy / subskills etc. to get a better price at shops? I understand that it probably shouldn't work on a catalog, but it'd be nice to see people getting something like 5% discount at max Negotiation when shopping.

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Can The Charlatan Mage 00 and 01 become a slight rewrite for "special" familiar like Pamela? I think the story sound strange with Pamela as familiar especial when the 2 bullys aproach your familiar ^^. I think for most commoner the apearance of a ghost should be enough to run away.

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Interesting idea! I'll send it along. :)


Since there are a few ghosts around and people arn't overly concerned about them... I doubt they would actualy run away... not sure though... Depends on phobias I guess.


Shrug... Who knows... Im certainly no expert ;)

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*glances around hoping not to be run over by the various rushing students , and over looks his familiar Arencia jumping at him an knocking him to the floor,and then scampering off*


right..SO i'm kinda knew to the forusm here - i just found the game a few days ago i didn't update or patch till i found the forums(after trying to figure out how to start Year 2 which after reading that its to be an expansion pack hrm.. I've been trying to find a release date but i haven't been able to find it yet) it annoyed me at first since it kinda crashed at one point , an i kinda got annoyed at it ...hrm i wasn't sure what i was expecting heh not many text games now a days , but i tried it again..i find its rather addictive o.o though i've not really been to social in it though i seem to be the 'popular helper mage' o.o which is odd for me i've never been popular in the real world right..suggestions..anyway......moving on..


Well i don't know whats been added or changed in the lastest patches/updates i just downloaded it last night i have copy the files yet. so i may suggest thigns already added..


the first would be..if each games going to only be a 'year' which i'm not sure how long it losts i guess 52 week? which is a yearo.o hrm..i was thinking i don't really like things ending when the end came i was mildly not wanting it to , though i wasn't sure what to expect .. i liked the ending though o.o alot of choices for the next year which is so missleading and mean! because of the fact that it ends after! well until the expansion/addon/next release..which brings me to asking how long will the years be? i kinda dislike the idea of the 4th or 5th ending up the last one o.o i realyl like the game takes some getting used to after playing nothing but graphical games an..for some reason the default version started with the music off which bugged me because..i thought it had no sound at all :D turning the music on made it much better ..when i figured out how -.- so far...i'm a Master at negation o.o i love all the reading an the lessons..okay fine i skip some of the stuff..mostly the rhetorical lesson reading..pfft snobby people!


uh..right off topic again .. *gets hit with a ball while not paying attention*


i was thinking perhaps instead of 1 day 3 tasks per day for the week , it could be more each day is a 'full' day to make the game last longer especially since you tend to have to wait a year or two for the next year :P


maybe X hours per day that you use , instead of 'Morning Noon Afternoon' (well it could be the block its divided to)





























eh..basica idea..


this would make it last somewhat longer i think ..an each task could take up X number of hours instead of a full period of time would allow you to do more, each day an draw the game out longer, however i think 'studying' should be made a bit more longer difficult so far it seems rather easy to get it to 10 , an unless the updates i just downloaded add in decay you really won't have any problems if you just do them for 2-4 weeks o.o same with training ..

(Example Train Familiar could take 3 hours to do so, or you could spend more/less time to increase or decrease the effect the more time you spend the better the possible result an bond growth, where as the less time you spend the less likely the Familiar is to learn it. an the less likely the growth in bond becomes. ) it would make the game last a considerably more amount of time o.o though i suppose it'd also require considerably more writing, stories, and events o.o


hrm , though i'm still new at it i've not experienced much an i'm considering whether or not to start a new game i think i will since i'm still learning o.o


it could be nice if there were more male portraits i only seen 2 for males though i'm assuming the updates add more .. i didn't look at the females yet o.o though i assumed they had more from reading the desciptions of the characters..


uh..i think it would be nice to have more efficent ways of reading the profiles, an getting to know people..it would be really nice if the 'matters of concern' to you included things like 'Emilia is really stressed out' as sort of a hint that you could help her, or something..o.o i know that once you get to know the person enough an they become your 'friend' that you can read more about them o.o ..i like the fact the game makes it easy to immerse yourself in (excluding the typos which the updates i downloaded claim to fix(most of) them so no issues there) .


uh.. while this would probably ruin the game being that its all text which is rather fun.. most games now a days focus to much on graphics an tend to be boring an have no depth , the story tends to just be a boring reason to fight. -.- i like that i can play an be 'nice an peaceful' an 'help' people without saving the world..well to my knowledge non of my acts were world saving..


uh ..Video's that line there was mean to suggest introduction video's or atleast picture clips, slowlg going over the event to show case it with music designed for it(note i like th emusic not sure why its not something i normally listen to but i like it never the less o.o) maybe pictures that illustrate your choosen action as well .. not really 2D or 3D representations i think that'd definitely ruin the game o.o but one drawing of Arencia(familiar) in trouble with the cook, an the illustration could show she's in a corner until you make a choice.. an then up on the choice/result it could show, 'whistles for Arencia' , it could if successful show Arencia running under the legs as the cook tried to well in this instance whack the rat o.o 'turns cook into a frog'.


hrm..(i am so making this longer than it needs to be... its not really intentional i just talk alot i suppose..) i have alot of thoughts i'm not sure how to word o.o Most of it an considering the basic length i'll stop here for now... o.o uh.. the only real suggestion i have is Gis Mes Year 2 Soonsa mostly because i dun like pausing in stories o.o (though rushing things is bbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaadddddddd)anywho i like the game o.o an once i install these updates-glances- which i wil ldo after i click this reply button...*clicks* i'll start a new game..oh right clicking i'm supposed to be clicking ain't i,I said i'd click..so..here goes..clicking.. uh.. oh point finish sentence i think i'll start a new game an 'hope' that all the DLC that is apparently added to it gets carried over an 'hope' that the release date for 2 is sometime soon :D (looked on forums couldn't find it probably over looked one owuld be nice)

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Welcome to the forums- many Academagians have requested more Actions in the Day, and in Year 2 you will have the ability to do slightly more with your time. But you are always going to run into the problem of too many things, too little time. :)


We like your suggestions for additional Feedback, and in fact I think you will be pleased with how Year 2 handles interaction with the other Students. ;)


Overall, we also would like more art in the game, but it's a bit difficult due to resources. Still, never say never.


Thanks for the suggestions! :)

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To make Work till you Drop usefull again I would add +1 SS Test Taking to it (keep the stress at 2 or even reduce it to 1)

Together with Discoveries: Libraries (or a lot of Exploring) the player then probably can complet avoid skilling Research.


Can we get the actual Relationship level displayed in the Profesor selector for Actions like Impression of Diligence or Spells like Weasle Words?


Edit: Can you also send the Student Adventure Ana Flavia to a general check about difficulty and rewards? Because starting with step 3 the rolls are at 15+ what means you need already the skill at 10+ and so its very bad that the skill the roll is based on is given as reward. Also if you make a adventure to unlook the Sphinx take in mind that Student Adventure Ana Flavia unlock the sphinx at step 3!

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