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Once thing I noticed is that if I want someone to do something specific for me -- a specific action, that is -- there's basically two ways to proceed:


First, I can rip out their free will with Mastery and turn them into a Mind-Slave.


Second, if I am the ultimate master of invitations, I can use an invitation to override their will.


There's no option to just ask someone to do something. Even if they're my best friend, a member of my clique, and I've helped them repeatedly in the past, there's no way to even request that they take a specific action.


It'd be useful to have an easier-to-get way to request actions from close friends and/or clique-mates; possibly only usable once every so often, maybe with other restrictions (people would likely reject requests to skip major exams or others self-destructive actions, say, and it'd probably be harder to get someone to skip class to do something for you than it would be to get them to do it over the weekend.)


But overall it seems weird that I can compel my enemies to do things for me, but have no easy way to request stuff from my friends.


(Of course, they could occasionally have requests for me, too -- in general, cliques could be made more live-feeling like that.)

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But no, you can't ask <friend> to <Share a cup of cocoa> with <other friend>.


At least there's Gossip! ;)


But I suppose getting <friend> to <bully> someone is a bit tricky (impossible) without certain actions being taken....


Edit: Legate, Really!?! Woo hoo!!! :) That'll definately make cliques much more useful!

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"That'll definately make cliques much more useful!"


We'll see...there may be a cost for this, you know...:)

Note to self: Don't beat around the bush if you want to get people to do things for you. Mastery is the easiest and most direct way.

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Related to an earlier idea I posted: When a subskill is listed as an option for an action, it'd be nice to show what its parent skill is, too (so you'll know you need to unlock it if you want to focus on that parent skill.) Some are unintuitive, and right now it's a huge pain to figure out the parent skill of a subskill (I've been reduced to googling the wiki.) How am I supposed to know, say, that Memorization is a subskill of Blackmail?

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Also: Right now, the feedback on your chance of successfully using Befriend is utterly unhelpful. Some of its behavior might even count as a bug; I'm not sure.


First, the action itself seems to always be purple in your list. While I can guess why (it depends on your target), it would be more helpful if it showed you a color based on your chance of befriending a target with 0 or 1 relationship or something, rather than just always being purple.


When you select it and open up your confirm-day menu, it remains purple in that.


When you select a target to befriend, it changes color, presumably to represent your chance of actually befriending that specific person. This is as close to accurate as it gets currently. But, it seems to ignore some vital aspect -- I assume there's additional rolls against all your other clique members that it doesn't take into account. In any case, it's possible for it to be green and for it to fail constantly, which it probably shouldn't do.


Finally, if you close the end-day menu and reopen it, or if you open it with someone already selected (because they were selected before) the color always goes purple, regardless of whether you actually have a chance at them or not. That's the part that I presume is a bug.


Maybe I'm misunderstanding some aspect about how all this works, but either way, it needs to convey what's going on here and your chances of success a bit more clearly.


(These issues are shared by any action that varies in success chance based on its target, but Befriend is particularly affected because there's presumably additional rolls which the player isn't given any feedback at all on their chance of passing.)

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