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Maybe study till you drop could use up your stress "capacity"?


If you got a maximum of 21 then you get 4 study levels and 4 skill steps.


1 skill step and study level for each 5 stress? in that case you can take 1 more stress until you get sick...


It should automaticaly stop jsut before youre ready to be sent to the infirmary :P


If you got 19 stress maximum then you get 3 skilsteps and study levels, and got 4 stress capacity left.



That way the action would actualy do what it sugests and it might be interesting enough for people to use, even if it's a little bit extreme :P


Maybe the stress cost could increase for every subsequent skill and study level..


2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 14 - 18 - 25....

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I quite like that idea, slightly overpowered for some of the nast and evil min/max'ers out there *cough* but otherwise it is another one of those abilities I just don't use...



Anyway I had a suggestion, I was re-reading the Questions thread and I bumped into one of Mikka's old questions 'if there were any clubs'


Which got me thinking. Why not make it available? some days would be club days (like detention just not as nasty) after enough had passed you'd unlock an adventure and you'd be able to stop clubbing. The adventure would of cause be one that make sense, like a play in actors club or concert if music... field trip if scouts and... tournament if wrestling and such.

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One thing I could think about would be changing the UI. Things like a scrollbar could help and an option to widen the left display to show more than one thing a line would drastically improve usability and fun.


The UI problem is in my opinion similar to issues I had with Skyrim's UI in that it doesn't really utilize space properly. A single column with this many options mean taking forever to actually get anywhere (ugg shopping...), so I think some of the changes involved with the mod SkyUI could really help here.

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We absolutely agree. The Year 2 UI not only scales, but makes overall better use of the screen. There are some customization options, too.




Cool! Could we also have a search/filter option too pretty please? *GrumblesHavingtoScrollDownToAlignPhemesForFireShardsinDuelGrumble*

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Out of curiosity can you take into account individual student adventures? Like will certain students become more skilled in future years if you help out with certain issues?



The main ones I can think of are will helping Iustus, Ana Flavia, that dude in Godina, and the other "problem" kids (Werewolf= insomnia, bad wand, dude's ghost twin bro was haunting him) And the one with Cirillo that gets you recruited into some sort of elite smuggling operation


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What's going on between the captain of Mineta and the Legate... Both are interesting characters but they seem to have some kind of problem with eachother and their adventures seem/are mutualy exclusive.


I get the feeling it's mostly about Ilaro... Or that the regents and the Legate arn't telling the Captain everything they are supposed to so the captain seems very distrustful of the Legate and maybe the faculty in general.


There are also a lot of hints that the people might be somewhat distrustful of the Peopel at the Academagia..


Will there be some kind of continuation or effect of having recarved and goldplated that statue P'(whatever her name was) The Very unfortunate ruling? or was it unfair ruling... Which ever...


Also im wondering what becomming one of the Regent's secret apprentices will entail... not to mention the Legate and captain... I doubt some of my more adventurous student's will have any time left for schoolwork between all his/her friends and all the different people that got tied into their storylines :P


Is it possible to become too popular? :D


When you arrive at your dormroom there is a long line of student's, professors and other odd people waiting for you to get back! (Some of whom would prefer not to talk to eachother) :ph34r:

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Student Adventure Emilia P 4 both exits have rolls of 16/19 but give out the skill they roll is based on as reward. I think the reward should be changed to some different SS on exits with this high difficulty.


Edit: Botanical Orientation would be great if it also gives a +1 to Wilderness Survival

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