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laclongquan for geting the rewards you easy can look into the modtool. The people who played the game right from the start are already happy to finaly have the SS the roll is based on displayed and a working color coding. Oh and if you think looking into the modbase will kill your fun playing the game I personal doubt it as it is kind of unwieldy.


Beside that I personal think to write your reward allready to each exit is kind of cheating by it self and sould be optional.

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I've never touched existing adventures or event's, but I've added a few of my own... they arn't perfect though. And I haven't thought much of balance either. Made an adventure for my familiar aswell :)


I made one adventure where the student's family had paid for the familiar to get a special familiar school adventure.. just for one day ofcourse. With an old court wizard trying to teach it stuff..


Once where the student is snooping around in the imperial palace and finds a hidden stairwell behind some banners to an old dungeon... With an orb of nasty dead old wizard that tries to steal your body!

With a sucessful roll you get free and just manage to snag a few of the wizard memories adding a few points to a few skills.

I also put in a check that makes him shun you if you're too unimpressive to be "worthy"..

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[request]Exam grades and Parental Approval


I would like to have a few more changes to the Exam grades and Parental Approval.


Currently, there's no reward for exam grades. Other than the satisfaction of seeing you towering above the intellectual pigmies in class, there's no gain to expend time slot to boosting skill up, especially the Midterms.


While Parental Approvals can be gained if you achieve Study Level 10 in certain classes. It make no sense that parents wont be proud of their top-of-class children. No sense at all.


So I'd like to have a 5 PA for each top-of-class achievement. it mean that if we expend at least 6 time slots to boost six class (more like 10 or 15) we can gain 30 PA. Peanut change, really, but I'd like some satisfaction from cramming, at least.


Of course, this will make the single point from Black Sheep even more costly. Cant win them all, really.

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You may not think so, once you're at home...;)


Now I sort of fear for my roleplaying characther who didn't spend so much time on the books. (Well, she still scored a clean 100 in the end, that's... not failing I guess)


Oh and my earliest characther whom I didn't quite knew how to cheat... I mean study to get the good grades.

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(I move this to over here. I did not see this topic)


1) Are they going to be able to add a windowed mode to Academagia yr1 or is it something they could only do for yr 2 if they do it at all?


2) Is it possible to have the storyline we are working on moved to the top of the list or at least have the text changed a different color; to make them easier to fine to continue them?


3) Is there a way to get a boyfriend/girlfriend in the game or is it just brief romantic adventures and you never see them again?


4) What are the point of gate spells etc other than say attack people with demons and such. I feel like there is a whole lot more to this game but not sure how to get into it.


5) Can you actually be evil or bad in this game? All the storylines seem focused on helping others. Which do not get me wrong they are great storylines, but I do not see the local bully having to help and rescue every single person who catches his eye. If that makes any sense. I would not playing a bad guy once in a while. One who others need rescuing from. I guess. Like have quests that follow previous actions the more grey the action the darker the results less "please save the animals and more lets break into the Legat's office and recover banish artifacts type quiets. I guess like something that keeps track of the moral of your choices and gives you quests based on that. If you are the intellectual type it throws more cases where you have to solve them intellectually. I pick all these dark histories for my past and here I am building a treehouse and rescuing fluffy bunnies. If you cat my meaning.


Moved from other topic


Reply from Legate



1) Windowed will come for Y2, I think.


2) Great idea! That UI is a bit revamped for Y2, though.


3) Yes, but not until Y3-Y4. You can only pave the way right now.


4) Hmmm. No...comment.


5) Yes, you can, but most of the Adventures are by default helpful.



My Reply


Well helpful is ok once in a while, unless you are a complete sociopath. But I do not know. It would be nice to have the quests that cause the problems you have to solve in the good quests. All of theses things get pushed off on random npcs. Why not make if something you can do yourself?

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What I would like to see more is, have skills like arithmetic, geometry and engineering and other non magic skills add to events and adventures, by understanding sometihng better you're able to solve thigns using magic but with far less force applied.

You don't exhaust yourself to accomplish things while while with great magical skill you can amass massive amounts of magic to force something, but if you got a better undserstanding of the situation less force is requiered, meening less skill would be requiered and it would cause less exhaustion if skill is present.


Maybe if you had a class event where the professors asks students to do a list of things and.. The student who only studdied magic and didn't bother to learn other skills will have less stamina and have a hard time doing thigns the smart way, meening they will exhaust themselves greatly to accomplish the same thing that another student might just flip the wand a little and they are done... Because they realized there was a smarter way to accomplish the set goals.


Through, planning, cause and effect, logic, engineering and seeing that things might be interconected, like solving a pizzle that requiers many different skills and tool sets.


So when the smart student starts thinking and planning the others thinks he/she won't make it since he or she didn't get to work right away, full force, but instead seems to be stairing at the problem. Then the studen't flicks the wand and solves the task in record time with minimal effort.

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Well, I suspect that certain traditionally non-magical skills will find magical applications in later years. I remember a lore where an apprentice actually turned himself into a golem because the master didn't reveal all the information (he was teaching theory of creating homunculii if I remember, not actual application) and the apprentice was off on the math by a couple of percent of a percent.


OOPS! ;)


Which actually brings to mind a question. What is a homunculus in this setting? My perception of the term is horribly tainted by Full Metal Alchemist....

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You'll still see the occasional chances for Engineering and such to solve (especially) Random Events, but predominantly you'll be using the magic you learn from every Skill to do this.




A Homonculus might be regarded as a type of Familiar, no longer used, due to the prohibition on Gates.

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When you said that several students might have seen a professors familiar already... You wern't refering to the blackchicken? AKA the bane of all Fashionistas?!?


That wouldn't happen to be the Legates familiar... would it?


O'maley seems like a possible candidate aswell... But.. yeah... that black chicken.. since they arn't getting rid of it..

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And I dont know if it's been considered or not but the Exam titles of the day should be changed.


There's no reason at all that you cant have it auto changed to Exam(Class). Currently we have to check the List to see which day has which class, very inefficient and slow. It's very convenient to glance at the Calendar and see:



Exam Negation

Attend Class


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