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Hey I just bought this game on steam today, and each time I've tried to start a new game I get the message "System error has occured. Application will now exit." 

I've tried running the game as administrator from the .exe file in my programs file.

I then tried to delete (uninstalled on steam and manually deleted all files) and re-download the, game still not working.

I tried deleting the .config file, it also made no difference.

My computer is running on windows 8, has 6 GB RAM, i7 processor...


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30 minutes ago, Metis said:

Did you delete the cache?

Sorry if this sounds dumb, but how do I find the cache file(s)? I can't find a file labelled cache or CacheV3 anywhere :/


EDIT: I tried viewing hidden files in my academagia folder C: Programsx86/Steam/steamapps/common/Academia The Making of Mages --> still no luck finding any files labelled as "cache" files..

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Dxdiag for the specs, or at least that's what I use. Just search for and run the program, although you definitely don't need to post every single bit of information it reports. Your exact Windows OS version should honestly be enough for the moment (at least I don't think imploding Steam is related to CPU or graphics card, though it might be), so if you know that off of the top of your head that'd make that step easy.

The .NET Framework should be in your list of installed software, so just check that from your configuration and look for Microsoft .NET Framework.

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Display, Sound, and Input "No problem found" if that's even applicable.

Steam Client Service is shown to be running in System Configuration. Many other things seem to be stopped. The others games I got (not from steam) seem to be working.

I checked my control panel and out of those two places I do not appear to have .NET Framework. 

Looking over my System configuration, I seem to have an Unknown manufacturer. If that is unrelated, I'm sorry.

Electronics live to confuse me it seems.

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@Legate of Mineta: 3 issues for me: I keep the beta patch of Summer's Blush for compatibility purposes in uploading my perfect game to Y2 when it is released. I also keep some saved games from earlier in that runthrough of the game.

1. Now I cannot load save games associated with the beta of Summer's Blush, even when I specifically choose only that mod during the start-up.

2. Has there been a decision to prohibit the use of Three Suns and other omens? Because now when I try to start a new game using the full Summer's Blush mod, I cannot se3lect more than 1 omen.

For reference, whenever I start a new game, I am presented with 4 mods that I may select: the Exotic Familiar selection mod (which I never use), the mod "The First Touch of Summer", the mod "The First Touch of Summer", and the mod "Summer's Blush".

If II must clear my cache, what would that involve?

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The best thing to do is to send it to academagia at gmail dot com.


Unfortunately, the beta builds aren't supported. I don't know if you can recover those. :(

If you want to clear the cache, you can find it in the hidden folder ProgramData\Academagia (I believe you will need admin rights).

The mod you currently want to use is Summer's Blush.

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