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I continue exploring the language skills, and continue to come upon more duplicate lore entries. Latest findings here:


"Origins of Common Oncestrian Words" and "Origins of Common Oncestrian Words*"

"History of the Merilian Language" and "Article on the History of the Merilian Language"

"How to Conjugate Verbs in Merilien" and "How to Conjugate Verbs in Merilien*"


Also, "Oncestrian SP X" is currently a blank lore entry.

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The spell, Smoke Screen contains "Truely, one would think that..." - 'Truely' should be 'Truly'.


The event where a cat knocks over potions in the potions shop, the Chemistry option contains "The monste kitty..." - 'monste' should be ... something else. 'Monstrous' is used soon afterwards, but something should go there. 'transmogrified', perhaps?


The event where you 'trip over nothing', the Danger Sense option contains "Y ou decide to try" - 'Y ou' should be 'You'.


Zoe Melis's description starts talking about 'Cordelia' and lamenting a lack of money part way through, without any apparent reason why. Should 'Cordelia' be 'Zoe'?


In the event where you believe you are alone in a shop, and then spot Philippe and become surrounded by a crowd of students chanting for a fight, if fail the Glamour option, it contains "... and of course,Philippe's is just howling with laughter." - 'course,Philippe's' should be 'course, Philippe'

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