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[BUG] Ring of Intelligence adds extra Skill


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I really enjoy the game so far.


However, I think I run into a small issue with items. At least one item, Ring of Intelligence.


It seems to be a small bug with the skill bonuses, as they are added again if you remove the ring and then place if on your finger again.


So now my uberstudent has ended up with Incantation 16 and Incantation Methods 14 (fear me mortals, I am the god of Incantation!)


Is that also a bug with the skills, or can you actually raise them above 10 without bugs?

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Whoa, that's a very nice bug to have. :lol:


You can actually raise your Skills above 10, in certain instances- for instance, if your Skill in Incantation was 10, and your Skill in Incantation Methods was 10, and you were wearing two Rings of Intelligence, your final Skills would in fact be 16 and 14, respectively.


However, that does not sound like that is what is happening here by any means!


Can you provide any more details about the circumstances surrounding this?


In the mean time...enjoy your uber stats! I will get testing this right away. ;)

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No, there's definitely only one ring involved :lol:


I think it was a legendary item from the creation, as I had it from the start and it seems quite powerful.


When I was testing my way around using items and placing things in the wardrobe I suddenly noticed that my skills seems to have risen a bit. So then I tried to remove it and then put it back on a few more times and it added the skill bonus again every time (it was not removed when the ring was removed). However, the Intelligence part seems to work fine, as that bonus was removed if the ring was removed.

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Utterly bizarre. But useful. :lol:


I am going to test it right away- probably we'll have a fix out in the early part of the week on this.


In the mean time...enjoy! ;)


Edit: I have witnessed the issue- it appears to be a display bug, since when you end the Day your statistics are returned to the correct values if you are not wearing the Ring. If you continue to wear it, your statistics report the incorrect values. Either way, it is confirmed and we'll get it sorted out. Thanks!

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