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How to deal with Detention?


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I am not aware of a bug which would prevent you from moving an Item from your Inventory to your Wardrobe- can you clarify?


The way to move an item is to left-click on it, then (still holding down the mouse button), move it to where you want to be. If that is not working, can you provide more detail on what is happening?


There was a bug in earlier versions of the game that caused something similar to this (although it was from moving Items from the Wardrobe to Inventory)- to confirm, are you currently patched up to version 1.0.5? You can easily tell by beginning a game, and hitting F12. The Client version will be displayed in the bottom left hand corner.



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I'm not sure what the downside is to detention. I can either 'waste' ten periods a week and have five free ones to play with (plus weekends) or I can skip class and have those ten periods free and have a chance that 'some' of those free evenings might be used by detentions. I seem to be able to pass the teacher's challenge pretty much every time, so they are not stacking up on me. Do we get a warning before something more serious happens than just detention, or can I continue to blithely ignore classes for a while yet?


(My class subjects are already maxed, so I have no use for attending any classes.)

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Mmm. Yeah, if you skip enough classes, eventually they stop giving you detention and you get a Hall Session/Suspension. That means, for around a week or five days, you can do nothing but Rest and Attend Class (and Attend Study Session, I think it is).


(Amusingly, you still have random events during this time. So while your character is in a weekend locked in their room, for instance, they may also be having adventures in the forest meeting trolls and saving wolves. ...I also don't see why the character can't at least do single action Train/Study/Train Familar, even as useless as they are usually, it doesn't make sense that they're somehow completely blocked- how are they going to stop a character from getting Temperence or Patience skill ups, huh?)


After you get released from that, you can skip again, though you'll likely only get two or so skips before they immediately start giving detention again. I persume that detention has a tighter leash this time, and you'll get another Hall Session pretty quickly.


Or maybe it just goes directly to the Praetexta Court... you get one chance there, to plead to omg not be expelled PLEASEEEE. The roll is pretty easy, actually, IIRC.


The next time you go to it, though, you're gone. Early game end.



Figuring out how far you can go until you reach the Praetexta Court (even the first time, as I imagine getting there once is all you get for all five years, and thus I may not want to 'waste' it this year) is something I've been trying to test out, but it's sort of on the backburner compared to the many other things I want to test out. It also surely depends of course on your relationship with your instructors: the more instructors you have at 10, the less likely you are to pick up detentions, which means you can go longer skipping... complicated.



As for me, I just don't like detentions because I reach a point when a lot of the teachers don't teach me *anything*. I want phemes! Stop wasting my time! Grr!


I think some of the problems with the whole detention deal was if the school taught more in classes. Teach us more about worms in botany! Tell me how to bookbind in Calligraphy! Explain how Negation is really better then Revision, Professor B, but telling us a bit about Revision Methods and Theory! Learn how to Beguile a tiny bit in Glamour! Teach some reasearch subjects!


There's no reason at all for over a week to pass wtihout a subject teaching you anything. :( The full two months where there's absolutely nothing taught in any class, period, is borderline insane.

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Well, I've been skipping class, any time a class didn't teach me anything. (Obviously, I've been abusing the save.) I've also reloaded every time I've been caught, as I am walking around with a 'Living Book' that they will confiscate any time they catch me. I am now into exam time and classes (for some utterly unfathomable reason) don't teach anything at all during exam time (that should really be changed), and so I've been skipping 'all' classes.


Needless to say that for me, that incremental chance for discovery has by now climbed into a rather large probability of being discovered. If I accept the consequences of my actions and let them give me that detention, accepting that I lose my book (I suppose I could always hide it in my room for the moment) , will that incremental chance of detection be reset? Or will I now be forced to spend the rest of the year going to classes that don't teach me anything?

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There's an engine bug where classes during the exam months can't teach anything, even if you code skill steps for classes to hand out during those months. It's indeed a really random engine limitation, but, well, the game's full of them. Pretty sure that's one of (many) quirks Y2 will fix, BTW.


You can stash your book in the wardrobe, along with any other illegal items, and not worry about them being taken when you're caught and given detention. Nothing in your wardrobe is confiscated unless, perhaps, you're expelled outright, which is a game over so it's a moot point anyway.


I don't know if you chance will be reset if you get detention, but if not you can gradually lower it by attending all classes without fail. The penalty from skipping classes only comes up when skipping classes, not when trespassing during the evening, so going to classes will eventually nullify it. Mind, that takes I believe up to a month of perfect attendance, and if you've hit an exam month...yeah. BTW, getting repeated detentions gets you a Hall Session, so get caught sparingly.


Lastly, if you haven't applied Schwarzbart's emergency patch for DLC 16 you'll be running path...68, I believe, which hasn't yet fixed a bug where if you skip only the afternoon classes, your chance of detection for skipping won't actually go up. It probably will still roll for existing chance of detection, but the chance won't increase (or decrease). So if you really want to...address...the issue of useless classes that way, well, it's an option. Note that the lower patch might cause issues for importing into Y2 (even if skipping 7 months worth of afternoon classes doesn't), but since Y2 hasn't been released yet and there's a DLC 17 planned anyway you might choose not to care.

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After your post Metis, I decided to accept a detention, having stashed my living book. I then went back to my truant ways. Nearly a month has now passed with me having skipped lots of classes, and I have not been caught once. It appears that the detention did indeed reset the incremental increase in the chance of being caught.

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That is interesting to know. I don't think there's any real penalty for getting detention beyond the detention itself and the confiscation of illegal items, so long as you can avoid a Hall Session, so that would be a net increase in actions to spend, especially if you start mass-skipping during Cheimare.


Well, sure, maybe some Y2 stuff but you probably don't want to enter Y2 with so many counts of skipping classes anyway.

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