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[Bug Report] Skill Success Chance


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Hello, I am playing through my first game and I noticed that my skill success rate has become almost 100%. In the beginning I would often fail at random event skill checks. I am now at the first exam week and I can't remember the last time that I failed a skill check. What's weird is that I routinely choose red and purple skills. My skills aren't all that great. Most of them are less than 3. My classes are at 6-7. When I try to cast spells I fail a lot, but the event skill checks always pass. Is this normal?

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No, it *definitely* is not. We have a similar report on this phenomenon and are working to address it. It *appears* that a very high Chance of Success is being applied to you incorrectly. I suspect we will have a solution tonight.


That's good to know. If you are having trouble reproducing the bug, I can email you my save file.

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