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Two questions Before Purchase


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I'll volunteer for to address the "is it worth it".


The game ate my weekend, and yet I feel like I have only pierced the surface of it. I haven't actually gotten a game past mid-terms yet because I keep starting over to try new things. Even after close to 10 characters, on each playthrough I find new skills that I didn't even know the EXISTENCE of. There are 80 student NPCs and I've only really gotten to know a few of them (many/all of them seem to have an adventure story specific to just them).


In the manual credits you can see that they hired literally dozens of writers and it really shows. Between the adventures and the random events, there is probably at least an entire novel's worth of text. You also have character bios, location information, and boatloads of random lore that doesn't serve any specific game function beyond filling out the world and maybe clue-ing you in to ideas for things that you hadn't thought of before.


The $25 price point feels steep for an independent game, but I think the value is here. Content and writers aren't cheap, and a higher price point helps ensure that we will get the chance to play through the second year and beyond. I'm excited to see what they are going to do with the DLC and am eager to get new patches to fix some of the more painful/rough spots in the game as it is now.


It's a rare game indeed that has me crazily pining for the sequel before even finishing the first. I hope when the mod tools come out, modders can both help fill the gap as well as potentially help fix content bugs.

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