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Couple issues:


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First playthrough done. Good game, horrible, horrible interface. Really could use mouseover tooltips on a lot of things, and just some poor, poor design choices overall.


It is still a good game, but, yeesh.


I really could use tooltips or some description as to what phemes do when casting a spell. I can add all these phemss to a spell, but with no description on any of them...I believe I cast two spells all year....


Would it be too hard to color code things like you do your skill choices? Adventures, especially, so I know before wandering in if that adventure is sort of easy or wickedly hard?


What, exactly, is the point of research? Kinda not mentioned in the manual, and I really couldn't find much point to it in game....


Speaking of the manual, some things could have been explained better. The relationship between your attributes and how easy it is to learn certain skills, for instance. Again, a mouseover tooltip or something at creation would be nice, as well, so we can see what direction we are building our student, and a current list of stats and such as you go through so you know where you are strong and where you are not, so you can pick classes appropriately....


Shopping is a pain., no real description of which shop you are heading towards, and the selling system could be smoother.


Would it be too much trouble to list the parent skill for a sub skill in the description of said subskill? Some things are fairly straightforward, but other skills or not. Knowing, for instance, that Courage is a Forge subskilll. When I click on a skill, having it tell me what its parent skill is would be oh, so helpful so I can find it later, especially late game when I've got dozens of skills.


You've got a real nice game here, but your interface is bad. It really could have used quite a bit more work polishing, cleaning up, and in general making things both a bit more functional and cleaner. I ended up liking the DESPITE the interface, which is not really a good thing.

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To address your question on Research:


Research is mostly Lores, but at the final level (10), there are very nice bonuses- usually a boost to an Attribute or an increase to a Skill Maximum.


Research also gives you a bonus to the Skill you are researching in certain rare cases when the Skill is much lower than its corresponding Research Skill.

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There is a really good game here, I don't regret my purchase. That said, a lot could have been done to make things a bit clearer for the player. That is quite a bit of information overload, and not a lot of readily accessible help to address it. There are quite a bit of times where I either needed or wanted information on something, and either I could not get it directly (like adding phemes to spells) or could not get it at all (character creation comes to mind).

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It should be noted that I DO like this game. It might sound paradoxical, but I only pick apart games I like. The ones I don't, I don't care enough to nit pick.


And, much as I really kinda dislike the way you designed your interface, there is a very good game here, you just have to dig a bit to find it. I think if you streamline a bit, and make things a wee bit more accessible, you'll have a runaway hit when you get around to making the sequel.....

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