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A few issues

Reiji Kido

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I can't train the Heraldry Romance skill, before the patch on my old character I could, but on my new guy it doesn't show up on the training list even though it is on my list of known skills.


Some skills are missing descriptions, and some lose their descriptions when you max them out.


If by some ability you raise your skills permanently beyond ten they no longer say they are maxed out and insist that that they can be raised by going up a certain amount of steps, but training always fails. I have Flirting and Running at 11 and the description says needed for next level 0 out of 3 and 0 out of 1 respectively. I assume that they aren't intended be trained further and the problem is that the game only recognizes 10 as max.


Lastly and most depressing for my current character, I found the Well of Flies. The description states: Upon your first visit to the Well of Flies, the insects rise up from their hole in the ground en masse and crawl all over you, whispering terrible secrets. For better or for worse, you retain only a few-and the flies quickly lose interest. Thereafter, you have to beg for their attention-and it's even worse than it sounds.


The abilities of the place correspond to the description The Well of Flies ability for the first visit and Plead for Secrets ability representing subsequent visits. So when I discovered the location of the place I was hoping to use that first ability to get the rare skill it gave, but I can only access Plead for Secrets ability even though I've never visited the place before. I assume if this does get fixed I still won't be able to visit with my current guy, oh well that's what replays are for. ;)

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To clarify about the first two issues:


Was this a continuation of a game, or a new game?


The third issue is somewhat correct. It is possible to improve past the cap of 10, but the game has a hiccup when you are at the maximum if it is above 10. Good feedback.


I am in the middle of testing another issue, so I can't check the Well of Flies just now. Enjoy it for the moment. ;)

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