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Problems with equipping items


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My lucky character started play with a 'silver scale' item, and through 'trial and error' identified it. I can tell it is 'on my person', my concealment and encumbrance numbers are above 0 and red. And I had no problem selecting it with 'trial and error', it was the only option to use for 'trial and error'


I'm lost on how to actually use this scale though. I see two possible ways, but I can't get either to work -


There's an inventory page, where I can see my knapsack with inventory spaces (the scale is currently here, as are the multiple pages of the letter you find in your room), my wardrobe with inventory spaces, and an outline of a robed person (me?) with no spaces for stuff. Dragging an item onto the person's outline returns it to the knapsack.


The calendar page has an option for 'use item', which opens a list of items, but that list is empty, despite the silver scale and letter pages being in my knapsack.


Returning to the inventory page, I can move the items from the knapsack to the wardrobe. Once moved, they stay there, and when I try to move any of them back to the knapsack, the napsack turns a deep green color and the cursur changes from a white arrow holding the item to a black no ___ symbol (circle with a slash) and without any visible item, though the item reappears when the cursur moves off of the knapsack area. It appears impossible to put either the letter pages or the silver scale back into the knapsack after I put them in the wardrobe.


Returning to the calendar page, I still cannot see any items listed under 'use items'.

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Ahh, my character found a ring - and on the inventory page that opened up four slots labeled 'ring' across the character's outline. Sadly, that silver scale is very much not a ring (and I've not attempted to explore crafting yet, eep!), and the ring she found is... a ring. Non-magical, Mr-just-a-ring-maybe-craft-into-something-nicer-later but it's nice to see how the inventory and wear system works, it looks pretty good.

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