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well... study and work are currently demanding a lot of my time.

And I have made some pages, with links, that can function as a template for other pages (they are not used as much as I would like).

As for templates for adventures, I don't have one for that yet. I did make a general useable layout for skills, spells, phemes and locations though.


Also, there is no (factual) information that has no room at the wiki. Just don't put any spoilers on the main page.

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The wiki is very ugly with all its ads. How much is it actually costing to host it? I'm active enough on this forum, and impressed enough by this wiki, that if it will get rid of the advertising I can definitely chip in something towards monthly hosting costs.

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I don't mean to be critical of the wiki. There is a lot of information there. But getting to what you want, such as effects of befriending various folks, often involves a lot of clicking and the ads make the site rather slow.


I'm wondering if some of the information would not be better presented in a chart type format or spreadsheet or on one page as opposed to many.


Abilities, for instance, could be listed in alphabetical order with their unlocks and what each does as well as the difficulty of the roll.


I really appreciate the hard work of the folks who have compiled a lot of very useful data for their fellow gamers and only intend to offer a suggestion as to presentation.

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More charts seem like a wonderful idea! I agree there is a lot of information on the wiki and most of it still isn't fully linked to proper pages. I think once we get more information in certain sections we will be able to compile more charts. I like the idea of having things in one page whereas clicking around for them (at least browser tabs help? :)).


I'm still covering the Adventures section as I play but if anyone has any Adventure lines they wrote down for any reason, I'd be willing to stick it up on the wiki for you. As for the gains, I'm still kind of lacking in them because I really hate replaying the same adventure line more than once in one sitting. XD But I'd say the important part is knowing your options-- which I do provide.

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Managed to find some time to read bits of the Wiki today -- very helpful, thanks to the people who are maintaining it!


The only things I noticed off hand was the absence of a couple of plants I've come across (Find Plant, Find Rare Plant, Cultivate, Scour the Mill). Surely I can't be the only person to have been stricken by the Tripping Thistle? And there was a Walnut something-or-other...



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There is a LOT of information in a game. And even with several people working on it, there is only so much one can do.

And there are not that many dedicated people that are constantly adding stuff. I am probably one of the main contributors, yet I have had a long period of silence due to work and study. So you'll probably find that things need to be added until Year 2 is finally released, not in the least due to the DLCs that get released every so often.


And of course, when Year 2 is released, that opens up a whole new area that needs to be added to the wiki.

So feel free to claim the plants as your personal project and add those yourself. ;)

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Hm... I can start filling in the class skills and other skills that aren't fully done. I seem to have a strange talent for traveling up unique skill paths. ^^


Adventures are a huge deal. I have a list back at home that at least labels them, but we actually could use a bit of organization on that page- an adventure overview. 'Collage Specific Adventures', 'Student Friendship Adventures', 'Familiar Adventures', Skill Adventures (or whatever we want to call the ones triggered by, say, having Blackmail 2).

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In my opinion Adventures are currently a mess

Adventure-chains are spread out on different pages, each with their own title. So if you want to know more about an adventure, you need to know each step's specific name...

Haven't been able to get to work on the adventures though... Would like to see each adventure on it's own page with the title of the first step as it's main title, and subsequent steps also mentioned per title and with explanations of choices and consequences.

So that in the end you can just look up, for example, Vincent Eins' quest and see which steps are required, which skills versus which difficulties and which rewards you get on the way.

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For adventures, there are only a couple of key things that should be there from the beggining.


Adventure Name

Time Frame Available

Initiation Requirements

Exclusive Adventures (i.e. if you do this, you can't do that)

Skill Rolls > 15 (i.e. req. Running 25 or Diplomacy 28 to succeed at the final step)



If this information were available for all of the adventures, the specific steps could be filled in later.


Does that sound reasonable?

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Can someone with expirience in adding new stuff put this to the Wiki:


School Survival


Test Taking Attribute Insight


1) ?

2) Ability: Judge the Instructor's taste Roll Insight/Character vs 5 Expand Study Level & 2x Reference - Instructor Tastes (one of Wit/Flattery/Storytelling/Syntax/Dispassion/Playfulness +1)

3) Ability: Outright Cheating - 1 Ethic Roll Insight/Observation vs 5 Study Level +2 for 18 Duration

4) Permanent Ability: Academic Precision +1 Syntax +1 Sematics +1 Rethoric +1 Study Habits

5) Ability: Memory Tricks Duration 18 Study +2 Parent Skill +2 Memorization +1 Stress +2

6) Action: Cite Authorities Once a Month Roll Int/Research vs 8 +3 Extra Credit

7) Action: Grind Duration 12 -2 Stress max +2 Study Level

8) Action: Impressing with Graphs and Charts once a Month Roll vs Applications of Arithmetic vs 8 Study +2 Planning +1

9) Action: Create Essays out of Nothing Twice a Month Roll Intelligence/Storytelling vs 9 Study +2 wit +1 Sematics +1

10) Permanent Ability: Test-Takers's Mind Wit +1 Puzzles +1 Dispassion +1 Concentration +1

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I added a few score adventures, not sure if anyone is still using the wiki but I'd found it really useful so felt that I should contribute something back and I added most of the adventures that I came across in a few runs through the game.


The adventures section does have some duplicates/errors though (some of which sadly are mine) if an admin was in a tidying mood:


There is a mispelling in "the pedestal and the book" adventure also "Amongst the Dusty Shelves" should be "Among Dusty Shelves".


Mairgrete's Missing Familiar is duplicated - the incorrectly spelt page "Maigrete's Missing Familiar" page is redundant.

Tools of the trade is also a duplicate - the full adventure is in Map Mischief.

The First Game is also a duplicate - the full adventure is in Watching Ships at the Docks.

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