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When are the Class Exams Scheduled?

Legate of Mineta

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Here are the Classes, their Mid-Term date and their Final date. Coming soon to a Class Description near you in Content Patch 1. :)



Evdokseia Valenta

15 Cheimare

23 Kaliri



Kate Badcrumble

17 Cheimare

16 Kaliri



Leo Massioti

11 Cheimare

26 Kaliri



William Vickery

4 Cheimare

24 Kaliri



Sixt von Rupprecht

1 Cheimare

10 Kaliri



Tarvixio Sido

6 Cheimare

15 Kaliri



Matain Leith

19 Cheimare

19 Kaliri



Baldassare Monetario

5 Cheimare

11 Kaliri



Contzel Ringraeyer

9 Cheimare

22 Kaliri



Thibault Pluiete

12 Cheimare

8 Kaliri



Errus Viada

8 Cheimare

17 Kaliri



Marlein Knoht

3 Cheimare

20 Kaliri



Rieulle Chastellain

18 Cheimare

9 Kaliri



Polisena Briardi

10 Cheimare

12 Kaliri



Lisle Aventyrare

2 Cheimare

13 Kaliri



Violante de Canapiedra

16 Cheimare

18 Kaliri



Regnault Pachait

13 Cheimare

25 Kaliri


...hope this helps!

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Not at all! We'll get this easily referenceable in the game as soon as possible. And hopefully with the Students in each Class, too. :)



Ha ha! Game is good, and studying too!



It felt kinda uncomfortable to have need to be cramming for more than one subject, only to find out after the test that my determined studying for one subject should have been delayed so I could be ready for another.

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Finus Piaxenza, Oliver Storey, and Giovanni di Lucca Alazzo aren't on that list yet their descriptions imply they have students. Do they teach classes not available to first years, or do they just laze about? Also Orso Orsi gave me a reprimand, I didn't get a detention for it though, but he does give detention right? Would you favor us with a clue on what he would demand, the other three I mentioned give hints in their descriptions though they do seem to double up with other teachers.

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Those 3 are Regents of their respective Colleges, and they themselves do not teach any first years. They are around primarily so that you can choose to butter up to them, if you wish.


Orso does give Detention, when he feels like it. He's a busy man. :wub:


Orso like a confident, well-read student, knowledgeable about older forms of magic and able to converse appropriately about them.


A good hint? :)

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