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Events placing you in the wrong class


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The wording of the event begins perfectly...


"Professor Briardi is lecturing on proper control of incations via negation spells, when she poses a question to the class. Something to do with the common fallacy of direct elemental antithesis and, wait, what now? This isn't what you read about in last night's homework!"



The event goes on, but I'll stop it here - because I'm not in Professor Briardi's class at all, I'm not a student of Negation!


Are events of this sort intended to reach all students, regardless of their actual classes?



Edited to add: And after the event, I ended up with the option of Work on Negation Extra Credit. Sweet. I don't expect to get this, but now I want a chance to get a grade in this extra class :rolleyes:

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This is actually rather closely related to something that I've been noticing lately. Apparently, random events can place you in a 'class' for a day, even if the day in question is a weekend or holiday. I don't know if it's possible to have this changed in Year 1, but something that should probably be considered for Year 2 is flagging events as to whether they occur on a school day or not, and if you are supposed to have a random event, the system will only include class events in the list of possible events to throw at you if it is in fact a school day.




Of course his lecture isn't on what you read about in last night's homework. You walked into the wrong class and didn't even notice! :rolleyes:

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Right now, I think it makes a lot of sense to have as large a pool of random events as possible (to prevent repetition and event staleness), but my hope is that as content is added it will make more and more sense to put conditional pre-requisites on them to ensure that they happen in a more sane way.


Actually if/when we get our hands on mod tools, this is the first thing I want to look at. Auditing all the events and establishing prereqs sounds pretty time intensive and something that could be delegated to the community pretty easily.

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All of the Class events should have prerequisites, although it's possible we missed a few. The weekend problem, however, is one we looked at but could not find a satisfactory solution to- the range of prerequisites we have do not allow the specific removal of days, unfortunately.


Weekend sessions, maybe? :rolleyes:


I'll look at this specific Event Impet mentions, though- thanks!

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