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Permission to be here from the Legate himself! Upon my own Merit Prize, no less


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Merit Prize X comes with knowledge of, and Visitation Rights to the Champion's Room. When I used the Ability to get the Prize though, I saw that the room still had a Discovery risk of 5, and there's no obvious mention that I have permission to go there despite the Discovery.


After about 15 visits to The Champion's Room, and not yet being told I was trespassing, I assume that it actually is alright for me to be there, and that Visitation Rights happen silently, because I sure do get caught often at other places with around a 5 discovery chance :rolleyes:


But it would be very nice to have a list somewhere, even if it's not on the actual Location itself, of where I have 'special Visitation Rights', because it's the sort of thing one might forget.


Also, the true advantages of this room are a little hard to gauge. I've observed that our Attributes have a huge affect on the number of steps it takes to gain a skill point. This room has a large affect on Attributes, but how much that affects the actual training speed gain is silent. Working as intended?

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