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Shopping bug?


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So, I attempted my first shopping expedition. I went to Culiman, the first on my list of places I could choose.


Once there, I see my knapsack, and below it there's a square, blinking a medium speed color shift between white and blue, and with the words Show shop centered in it. Clicking on the square just makes it hold the blue color.


To the right side, the 'information' side, there's an area for items to be, but there are no items showing. If I click on the items I brought with me, I can sell them. For a pretty tidy sum, the four items I happened to have with me would sell for just over 1500 pim. Not bad for a kid who typically earns 10-20 pims for several hours of work at one or another odd jobs!


Maybe it's just this shop that doesn't have items to sell me. I'll keep looking.

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