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Aranaz and Govina, two tries.


At the start of the game when you are in your room and there's an option of choosing to read the letter or not, choose to read. A small message about get comfy with your familiar (no option), press the button to get to the next. Bang! We are now at calendar to set schedule.


Technical spec: I extract the CP5+DLC1 to a folder then copypasta the content into academagia game folder. It ask something about overwrite the mods folder (naturally) I press Yes. Then I start the game. In the mod it appear something about Mallen Field and that content mod only (no content patch 1). Choose to create character normally.

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Just did Help at the Imperial Rangers for 3 time Slots at start my Vit was damaged down to 4 (mostly from Train at Schoh...) but after the Day was processed I still haved 4 Vit even though in the Day Report it sayed that my Vitality was decreased!

I pack both saves (bevore and after the processing) in a rar file so if the team whant it I can upload it.

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Grand Forge: Personal Station


appears to have unlisted effect -- the bonus to Enchant and Forge subskills seems to work as advertised, but the parent skills also get large bonus by the looks of it. Here's numbers my character got while in location:


Enchant: 12, with subskills of 5, 12, 11, 9 (numbers are with Station bonus added)

Forge: 18, with subskills of 5, 6, 9, 5, 4 ... my Forge skill without buffs is 1 so well, that was quite a "huh" to see. Though i suppose it does make the final Finesse/Forge roll vs. 24 for "Accept Commision" ability somewhat easier ;)


additionaly, this makes me wonder if Sheary's adventure isn't bugged -- the part "Turn Sheary into a smooth, bad boy" has Jeweler skill as one of the options, but even with Jeweler skill at 9 it still shows coded purple?

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As to Sheary, the Difficulties in Adventures can be extreme: over 20 for some Student Adventures!

Ahh, i see. It just got me wonder because Character Study option provided in that stage turns green with skill at 10, and description of failed Jeweler test talks about failing to persuade Sheary into getting his ear pierced... so started to think maybe it checked different skill than it said it did.

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I'm not sure if its a bug or not but some times when using the incantation collage that adds one to every incantation sub skill i have been repremarded for trespassing even thought i payed all 900 hundred money, what ever its called, i was using it every day and all day on weekends if that has anything to do with it.

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It's possible to still be Reprimanded for going to a Location that you have Visitation Right to, if you have another source of Chance of Discovery. This is because Rights zero out your Discovery Chance as given by the Location, but not from any other source.




That Difficulty is a 24.

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I've been playing some hours on this game ;) , and I've run into some little troubles.


Beside those already mentioned, here are a few more :


  • Typo : "Merit Prize XIIII" should be "Merit Prize XIV" :)
  • Some "Merit Prize" do not appear (XVIII, XX, but there are some more) :(
  • Some places revealed by explore and that are related to an action, don't appear in "choose action" or "use ability"


And just a question : what is the use of books one's has heard of ?


Historically, Roman numerals did not have the strict grouping rules we tend to associate with them today. XIIII would have been perfectly valid to a Roman, if slightly wasteful of space compared to XIV.


So not only was it useful for sorting, it works out in real life detail as well.

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