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Upon reaching LVL 6 of the Filing subskill, of the Research Parent skill, I learned about several things including Violin.


However when clicked for a description it is totally empty aside for the name in the upper right corner.

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Same goes for Mimicry. (A subskill of the Ambush Parent Group.)


When clicked upon for a description it only states the name and number of steps required for the next lvl.


Just blank afterwards, not even a vowl joke is to be spotted.

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Academagia Public Practice Room #4.


While it says there is a 50% to an expension to all primary instruments, I tried it at least 15 times and got nothing, nada, noppes, zilch, etc. <_<


This might be a case off simply misunderstanding though; is there anything I should know about this place? Am I looking in the wrong place?

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Well I don't know when I learned it, but was curious about mimicry.


I had it listed under the Parent Ambush skill group. I even have lvl'd it up to ten through some weird location probably. (It wasn't done on purpose by actual training at least.)


So I thought I'd click under it, selecting it from the parent skill group tab.


Then it showed nothing. Only the name and the number of steps required. The actual description is missing.

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Ok I managed to get the game crashing around me. Not sure why or how, which is strange as I spend hours trying to <.<, but it is consistend.


Haven't explored other times or setups, but when trying to declare a vendetta on a person the came crashed.


Detailed; happens on sunday, the third block. The first two are spend researching revision in the puzzle block. The person in question = Avita College --> Cosette RE Relationship = -9


EDIT 1: tried it with different actions before the crash, nothing changed and it is still crashing. Am going to try a different momentum of the day for the vendetting


EDIT 2: tried it in the morning, causes the game to crash even faster. Aparently the bug is really located around the vendetting or the girl I try to vendetta. Going to try different people.


EDIT 3: tried it on monday against Durand de Thermiones? Relationship lvl -5. Crashed again. Final test --> lower relationship lvl --> -10


EDIT 4: Tried it with level -10. Game still crashes.


Ok so I located the problem as best as I could: --> It really is the vendetta ability that causes my game to crash.



I can't explain why, but that is up to you. Or is there something I missed?

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No, this is very surprising- can you pm with a RapidShare of your save? I do not see the issue in my test game. I am making the assumption that the AI is trying to do something which is causing it to crash, but we'll see.


Thanks for discovering this! It may delay Patch 3 and Content Patch 1 until Monday, but it's important to get these crashes out.




Edit: I have tested this using the same Students, and do not see the crash. I will definitely need your save, thanks!

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Ok makes me wonder; will patch 3 also fix the bug about ... dunno the word.


Here is the scenario; sometimes after lvl 10 the game suddenly says a skill isn't lvl'd up to maximum anymore, but rather it can needs more steps to reach the next lvl. Don't know how or why it happens, but I suspect bonuses of events or locations.


However when I try to train them nothing happens. Neither the skill nor the number of steps will go up.


So... will patch three fix that problem?

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Hello, new member to the board here. Bought the game after reading the RPS article and have enjoyed my first run through so far. I also appreciate how responsive the dev team is to the community's experience. To that end, I ran into a couple of small quirks that came up in random events. Nothing game breaking, but they certainly caught my eye.


* In the "Free the Satyr" event, after rescuing the creature by throwing stuff at the vines, the text indicates that the satyr leaves an object for me. However, there was nothing in my knapsack, nor did I see anything at the location during the turn summary.


* During a prank event (with the money glued to the floor), the introductory scene named a female student as the victim. I chose to observe the scene before doing anything else, and the observation result page described a male student as the victim. When the scene resolved, the original female student was back.


Like I said, small things, but every bit counts, right? Also, I cannot tell you how eagerly I am anticipating the revamped detention indicators. Some instructor slapped me with detention during an early random event, and I have no idea what it will take to satisfy him. Keep up the good work!

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I think Research - Filing level 9 also has that issue then.


Which makes me think of the following question:

Parent Skills unlock perks on different levels too. Do those Skills that also have a Study range, also have those Parent Skill level perks?

And do the Study perks act totally independant of the Skill level perks?

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After Patch 2, I noticed a problem with the Explore action: I am "discovering" places which I already knew.


For testing purposes, I used Explore 7 times in a row on Academagia (all actions were successful). Discovered 6 places already known (Great Gate, Dining Hall, Admissions Office, Sundial, Hallway and Negation Classroom) and 1 new place (Ortography Classroom).


I don't remember experiencing this prior to Patch 2.

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i was casting an investigative glance at the character creation section and came across a few things:



before i begin however i'm using the following assumptions

- each backgrounds should offer a 6 skillpoint (sp) bonus

- stat+ =4sp

- stress/vitality+ =2sp

- +1% =1sp

- +1 to action =3sp

- familiar stat+ =2sp

- familiar skill+ =1sp

- named location =2sp


there's a few others but those should be the main ones



-heritage:auncish ("recieve")

-omen:shattered mirrors (stat+1%+3skills=8sp)

-family:sports (stat+4skills=8sp)

-family:wizards ("by selecting this background, you learn about each of the magical sciences (incantation, negation and revision)" implies there only are 3 magical sciences in total

-history:artisans of skill (stat+3skills=7sp)

-the station backgrounds that grant pims do so in addition to 6sp

-deeds:town and familiar (didn't notice bond increase, at least not when checking familiar stats after just arriving)

-academy:clameil school ("you gain 1 in each revision skill" - does not name each subskill as done elsewhere eg prodigy incantation/negation)

-apprenticeship:page ("by selecting his action" - typo, i believe it should be by selecting this background

-apprenticeship:student at arms (stress/vitality+3skills=7sp)

-discoveries:courts (named locationsx2+1skill=5sp)

-exploits:merchants of llice (50pims+5skills=5. i find it difficult to say 50pims=1sp as in one of the status backgrounds you receive 6skills+200pims+50parental approval)

-exploits:shipwrecked (stress+5skills=7sp)


the following are very minor and can be safely ignored to be honest


-when using "by selecting this background", sometime the word "background" is in caps while in others it's in lowercase

-with the exception of the discoveries/exploits and friendships screen, all backgrounds start with "by selecting this background" escept the following:

inheritance:family heirloom

familiar bond:exotic


inheritance:preservation of high society

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