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First of all, I want to start by saying I love the game so far. The depth and complexity in this game gives it almost unlimited replayability. There are so many options, so much to do and discover.


Having said that, that complexity is really frightening when you start the first game. The mentor adventures were a great idea. It really helps soften the steep learning curve. But the mentor only explains the general facets of the game, and stops before going into details of many skills, locations, and lore. When you finally dive into these areas, you're presented with long, clickable lists. When you first begin, you know little lore and few locations so finding what you need is not too difficult. Later on this gets very confusing and cluttered.


If that vast amount of information could be organized better, it would make everything less of a chore to get through and understand. For example, your parent skills live inside one giant list. I suggest somehow creating more of a hierarchy to separate magical skills/general skills/ social skills/ etc. (No actual skill changes, just organization) As I play the game, I'm starting to realize that some skills are very interrelated and work together while others don't. I'm halfway through the year and have specialized in some very specific areas, and just realized that I've ignored some critical skills. The same goes for locations and shops.


I think this would really ease some of the problems new players are having getting into the game. As it is, it takes a decent amount of patience to get over the learning curve; but once you're there it is incredible. A little more organization would make things so much easier to digest.

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Thanks for the feedback! We will be continually working to improve the game, the game experience and the UI- and organization is a large part of that. You can glance at the Suggestions & Improvement thread to see some of the ideas we've received to date- one of these is to better improve how Skills are shown to you, as well as some possibilities for filtering.


Please feel free to chime in with any suggestions you may have- and glad you enjoy the game!

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