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Whenever I try to use artifice in one of my games, the game crashes, with a ton of error popups.


This happens in one of my games, in another, it at least gets to the red orb screen.




On a different topic, I've also noticed a few times I wound up with '6 out of 4' in a skill, and had to do a training session in it to have it register to the next level.




I think the 'use item' problem has already been brought up? I bought some glamour training books but was unable to find a way to use them, they didn't show up on the 'use item' list.




Feature suggestion: It's easy to follow a lot of students, and that really spams up the daily report when you want to scroll down to see how the competition is going.. put the student activity reports at the end of the list, or make them collapsable please. :wub:

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