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The game runs. Very. Sloooooow.


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I love this game I just got to death, but it's like a process-eating-monster.

Like, this little 2D life sim takes up almost as much processing power as Fallout 3 on my computer.

600MBs should be more than enough to run a game like this three times in parallel. Instead, I'm stuck with 10-second loading intervals between screens (any screen).


For the record, I'm using Vista. If it's my OS's fault, feel free to stab it with me using a sharp object.

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Firstly, we'll keep the sharp objects away. ;)


Unfortunately, it's the nature of the beast- the game's database is huge. We already have on our list the action to look at ways to optimize, but...I am not sure how much more improvement we can get. Still, we'll do what we can.


That said, 10s loading screens are surprising to hear about (assuming that's not hyperbole)- we've seen 1-3s in test on older machines. I hate to lay blame on Vista, though.


In any event we are glad to hear you are enjoying it- hopefully we can improve your performance. :)

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I'm running on XP, 2GB RAM, 2.8GHz and it takes about 1-3 seconds for the loading screens.


Perhaps have the game make the more "expensive" database queries at the end of the day? I think the real impression of "slowness" comes from trying to select commands or even look through the daily report and having lag there. The transition at the calendar isn't too bad if you think of it like Civ where the "other civs" are making their moves.

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