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Zoe, that's not too helpful!


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In my quest to make every member of my collage one of my cliquemates (...it involves a lot of casting of plus charm and befriend spells), I grabbed Zoe in to my clique. She grants the Study Notes skill.


Unfortunately, it seems the skill has a 33% chance or so of succeeding, and... at least every-time I tried it, it granted me +1 Study to the chosen class. Which, because of the failure, is much less useful then just plain using the Study action, which gives me +1 as well with no chance of failure. It's easy enough for me to say 'okay, not useful': however, it seems every-time the Study Notes skill pops up for my cliquemates, they all try it, and 7 or so out of 10 times, they of course fail. (It's sort of amusing to see the long list of failures, though, I admit.)


I think the skill could use a glance at it... either more success, or more chance of raising one's Study by more then one, I don't know.



...I was amused to see that everyone else in the clique has the skill 'Stress Zoe' (with an awesome description: it made me giggle everytime I read it). Thankfully, none of them every used it. I found it interesting... some of the skills seemed to imply they were only usable by certain people, or such. How do the school NPC's choose what to do from that long list? Are they individual weighted towards certain actions?

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Poor Zoe. We'll get her fixed up in the coming release. I *believe* this one is meant to have a +1 Study, and then a 33% chance of an additional, not sure.


As to the other Students, they all take Actions varying upon their Personality, Interests and Goals. Where these coincide with new Actions, they will happily use them. :)

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