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Midterms and skills


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I have a question about midterms and exams. I seem to remember having read somewhere on these forums that the result depends solely on the relevant skills and study level. I also seem to recall that the mentor in the game said that a skill level of 5 and a study level of 5 would ensure a score of 50% (although I may be wrong about that). Well, in one of my midterms, I had a skill level of 6 and a study level of 6, but I only got 43%, so how does this work, exactly?


Also, I sometimes find it hard to find a specific sub-skill in the skill tree. Would it be possible to put the overall skill that it belongs to in the sub-skill description?


Anyway, I'm enjoying the game. Is there any plan for when the next one is out?

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While I believe most of these questions have been answered already elsewhere, let me do the neighborly thing and group the answers for you here.


As far as we've gathered from what the Legate has told us, your score on your exams is your class skill times your class study level, plus any extra credit you may have earned.


The request to have the parent skill for a subskill listed in the skill description has been made many times, and is currently slated for the first Content Patch, expected sometime in September.


As for the next chapter of the game, that's probably about two years out. In the time between now and that release, expect numerous Content Patches for the current game.

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I recall seeing somewhere in play (maybe the looks-like-an-event where another student warns you to study for the midterms that are getting close) that a NPC student expected to get all 15s and seemed quite resigned and accepting of this. I betcha 15 is approximately the lowest passing score for midterms, the lowest score that will keep you out of trouble.


A score of 50 is like getting 100% on the midterm, with a score of 100+ being a currently meaningless (as in, not interlaced with the code, not providing any feedback from the game other than the number) form of showing-off and pride of place in having an ultra super epic A+ to the seventh power.


For the final, a score of 100 would be getting 100%. Since neither of these tests are otherwise involved in the code of the game, and it's been said that none of our characters in this version of the game will be able to 'pass on' to the future versions of the game (years 2+) where the grades will matter... I myself am going to figure out exactly where one risks expulsion from bad test scores and then simply stay comfortably above that as I explore the rest of the game's options.


There's not enough code-supported meaning as of yet to how well or badly you do on your exams to hold my attention on them - there's just nothing else I can find to figure out about them.



If you were wondering what your score of 43 meant on your test, for a midterm, simply multiply that by 2, or 86. Most classes in the USA use a formula similar to this for determining grades -


100-91 = A

90-81 = B

80-71 = C

70-65 = D

64-0 = F



An 86 is a good solid B, and a score of 43 was probably a little bit above what you saw most of your other classmates getting.


Well done, you're ahead of the curve on your classes!

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Impet is in essence correct, although there are two different grading systems employed at the Academagia, with several different variations.


The Mid Term in particular is very low weight and is used as a marker of academic performance. 35 is approximately what is expected.


Thanks everybody, it makes sense now. Just out of interest, how do I get extra credit? Is there some action for this, or is it through events and such?

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