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Generally I hate games that can't be windowed, because I tend to play in small bursts between "serious"[1] tasks and switching is a pain. Also notifications from e.g. email or twitter are a pain with fullscreen games.


However, I must say Academagia plays nice with Alt-tabbing and with notifications, despite not being windowed. I've no idea what technical detail makes it different from other (casual) games played fullscreen, but it's as good as a windowed game. I can even view other windows -- like twitter or chat -- on top of it, though obviously not the reverse. (Well, the taskbar is still missing, but I can bring it up with a key or use Alt+Tab, so no great loss).


...so you might ask, what's my point, exactly? Er, I guess just another "thank you" to the game designers :-)


[1] Who am I kidding?

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I'm also really pleased with how well the game behaves when you switch to another task. I use the windows key to change, rather than alt+tab, but if the game didn't allow such things, I doubt I'd have reported even a tenth of the bugs I have. (if the game allowed one to copy and paste text from it, that would make tracking the silent things much swifter and easier - though also get the wiki made vastly faster ;) )

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