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Item question: Lucky Sprite's Coin


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I have this item identified. It has an ability also called Lucky Sprite's Coin, which is supposed to increase Pure Luck by 2. The item type is Miscellanea.


It's in my knapsack, and my Pure Luck is 1 -- which means it's not having an effect. I can't put it on the paperdoll -- in fact there is no space for it (I have Bracelet, Hand and Plant, which appeared as I acquired appropriate items).


There is no Action or Ability by that name in the lists of stuff I can select, and it's not listed under "Use Item" when I select actions (in fact, nothing is listed, but then I'm not carrying other items I'd expect to be there).


...so, how am I supposed to use the thing? Or is this a bug?


[Edit: Sorry, I meant to put this in the General Discussions parent forum, not here. I suppose it's not wildly out of place though -- not exactly FA, but at least it's a Q :lol: ]

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