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All by myself!


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You mean, they choose: Impet & Impet?


Well, if they'd been Impet I suppose it might have looked like that!


This is what I saw -


Carmine Sturzo did not succeed at using Hang out inside the College on Carmine Sturzo and Carmine Sturzo.



Makes me want to share a cup of cocoa with him, he seems so... needy and made of anti-win!

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Let's see...


I don't remember many of the details as it was early this morning when I was playing (lost track of time and got stuck in one more turn land). But the duel was between Avila Gwendy (the braid is pretty distinctive) and herself and was one of those instances that I could intervene before things turned ugly.


My choices were as follows:


Walk away

Mediation (or maybe Meditation) skill check

Observation skill check


I ended up chosing walk away which was my only green option and got a small description saying that while I was getting away things did not continue being as lighthearted as they started and instead became worse, possibly resulting in an injury.


I was kind of surprised this time around that I didn't get an option to attempt negation or incantation as those (well and running) are what my character seems to excell at. My current status is about a month and a half away from the beginning of midterms, my character is in Durand college, does not have a clique, and had the traitorous background. Hopefully that helps.


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