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Allright I am finally at the point I want to get a rival and duel it out. Problem is; not only do I not have any negative relations, have a few at 0 though, I have no clue what would be the best aproach.


What is the most effective way to make a relationship decline? I have bully, which seems to lower it by one point. Can someone confirm if bully is 100% certain to lower a relationship if the action succeeds?


Secondly; is there a better/faster way to make someone hate you/get a rival/get into a duel?




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I would also like more information on this process. Doing a search on the forum says that in order to duel you need to enter into a Vendetta then start an adventure which leads to a duel. How does one start a Vendetta?


I have a -10 relationship with Phillipe because we keep going back and forth casting nasty spells at each other but I want to put this kid in his place! Me want Vendetta and Duel!!

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