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Clique Abilities


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As I was charting out the whole Befriend Skill list, I also decided to form a Clique and try some abilities out from what others posted on the wiki.

To be exact:

Beatrix von Wetgen - Helpful Guide

Rixenda la Serena - Scavenger's Tales


The Scavenger's Tales keep on failing if I do it. The Helpful Guide grants me a nice bonus to skills.

Neither of them give me any new locations, either automatically or after the use of the ability.


Secondly, seems a weak ability to have if simply Explore will do the same thing. I was also more or less expecting to get the locations added over time due to those two exploring and talking about it. I have yet to go Exploring myself with that character, as it is supposed to focus on getting wiki knowledge about certain skills.


Working as intended or bug?

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