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To fashion a poem most wondrous and fair;

This is your goal, if you dare, you dare.


But such an effort one may not contemplate

While mountains of unread texts still lie in wait.


Thus turn to your studies, if study you can

For which class you have matters, again and again.


Poetry is grammatical, with logical rules

Rhythm and rhyme enough to please whole schools.


Thus, ignore your teachers and stay glued to your books

Study your way to wondrous poems and meritous looks!

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This action has actually bothered me when the other students get it. As you always receive a point of dedication and a point of stress, the action always reports as successful, even if you do not gain merit from using the ability. Of all the times I've been able to see AI characters doing it (and I've seen them use it quite a bit), I think I've only ever seen a merit gain from it once or twice. Given that the action always reports successful, does this mean that the AI will keep prioritizing it?

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I've played with this game and am sure I have found

Lore and more lores, enough to go 'round.

'Read the small print' lawyers warn and decry

Yep, doing that, Academagia strengthens one's eye.



'Twould fit somewhere within, that poem hastily dashed off -

As errant and careless as urgent cough?

Welp, alright, if asked I agree. Find for it a space

Should you wish, and I grant leave to give it its place.



Or, if soothly it is as I ken, and your comment

Is praise, but of additional meaning innocent,

Then my thanks you do have, and this added wordplay sincere

For words are the best toys - meanings each one both hides and makes clear.



and Fan, my dearest Fan ;) ;


Thanks for the praise too! Wordplay is delightful fun. Been rather overlong since I've taken such liberties with scansion.

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