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Bad Endings?


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First off, I must say this is truly a wonderful game. I have been having quite a blast playing this so far.. very deep and well constructed, with such a variety of things going on that I doubt I'll ever be able to play the same game twice.


One thing I'm concerned about though, but since I haven't had the time to really explore every option I'm not sure of... where are the game overs?


I remember the old Choose-Your-Own adventure books, the ones written for us when we were kids around 7-13 or so (some were still enjoyable long past that of course). In those books, your path could lead you to a bad ending, or even death. Granted, as the books were catered towards the young, it was never a fully described gruesome death, but it was still a Death - Story Over, situation.


So far I have encountered a few situations in this game where I was certain doing the completely red guaranteed-to-fail option in a dangerous situation would lead to some sort of "bad ending."


Now I know you can be expelled, but what about bad endings that stop your character's career short aside from that? I was quite shocked to come out of a certain situation which I wont spoil on this forum with just a few bruises (some vitality taken away and maybe a point or two of stress added on). I was almost positive that the choice I made would be the end of my character.


I don't really want them to be spoiled if they exist, but are there bad endings that can be the end of your character's career aside from being expelled?


If not, it's a shame, because I think with the added "danger" of making a really bad game ending choice would make this game far more interesting than just a few bruises and some stress ;).

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If there are such endings, they are currently in the things yet undiscovered by forum posters, and likely would lie within secret and forbidden knowledge and actions - if they exist at all.


For the most part, the teachers are looking out for you and you're bespelled to stay alive (if not at all comfortable!) until one or more can dig you out of any deep holes you've taken a header into - assuming you do your part and give reasonable effort towards passing. Are there exceptions? <insert evil player laughter here> Err, well, none that I'll admit to finding yet.

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