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reprimanded for skipping detention - there was no detention


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Yes I did set for this day the day bevor but the day bevore I didnt get any detention. (And its not the first time I got a message that I missed a detention when I am 100% sure I didnt haved one and didnt get one and just loading again at the start of the day and let it process anew usualy let this message fanish.)

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No problem! I feel fairly certain we know what the problem is.




I can confirm this. If you plan ahead and then get detention, the detention does not override what is planned. There is nothing that ever specifies WHEN a detention will be held. Currently, the only way that we know that we actually have detention is when it shows up automagically in the schedule. We need either a message telling us WHEN a detention session is going to be held, or detention needs to override everything else when it appears in the schedule.


It's one thing to choose to miss detention. It's another to miss it because we never knew it was scheduled.



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